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Anti-Rights Crazies Amp Up Their Attacks

It’s All About “Leverage”


The anti-gun extremists are running scared. Today they filed an election complaint against the  Recall Floyd Prosanzki Campaign.

This is not a surprise. For the last week or so they have had operatives surveilling the locations where the recall petitions are available. These people included  “Makayla Yarbrough,” “Peggy Strickling,” and “Lynda Mc Millan”. At least one of these people was seen getting into a car with out of state plates.

As we told you before, they have also had people at locations where petition gatherers were working, disrupting the efforts of the campaign. 

The great irony of course is this is all being orchestrated by the big bucks “Oregon Democracy Fund.”  Nothing  says “democracy” like doing all you can to interfere with it.

Angela Martin, a paid hack from “Fulcrum Political” sent out a press release today with a list of bogus complaints. In her release she said “Clearly, the gun lobby extremists behind this reckless recall effort have no respect for the law…”

When the anti-rights zealots passed SB 941, they did it against the objections of most Oregon Sheriffs and Counties.  But it’s the “gun lobby extremists” who have “no respect for the law.” A brief review of “Fulcrum Political’s” client list will show you who has no respect for the law. (One of their principles, Mark Wiener, recently worked both sides of the fence in Portland where he brokered a deal with the ride sharing company Uber and the city officials he has taken big checks from.)

The “Oregon Democracy Fund,” in their hilarious press release, said “The nonpartisan Oregon Democracy Fund is organizing the Stop Reckless Recalls coalition to stop this abuse of Oregon’s recall process…”

They call themselves “non-partisan” and then go on to list their supporters: “Organizations including SEIU Local 503, Oregon Construction and Building Trades Council, Stand for Children – Lane County, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC, the Democratic Party of Lane County, Oregon Education Association, Oregon Nurses Association, Everytown for Gun Safety and Americans for Responsible Solutions.”

Yep, clearly “nonpartisan.”

The billionaire anti-rights crowd is burying Oregon in out of state money to continue to erode your 2nd Amendment rights. They are doing all they can to derail the recall efforts. Keep in mind, any election law complaint will be decided by Oregon’s Secretary of State, a hard core leftist who was handpicked with no vote of the people by anti-gun militant Kate Brown, who herself became governor with no vote of the people.

“Fulcrum’s” Angela Martin, the hack behind this bogus complaint, can be reached at  c. 503-810-9770

The recall campaign is getting down to the wire. The billionaires, and a cabal of leftist extremists, are doing all they can to, once again, thwart the will of the people.

We need all the help we can get.  Please consider whatever support you can provide with a donation to OFFPAC.

There is no question we will be hugely outspent. The freedom haters will stop at nothing. Let’s do all we can to stand in their way.