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Anti-gun Senator Floyd Prozanski has scheduled hearings for four bills designed to attack your rights and make you and your family less safe. The bills are scheduled to be heard on April 5th at 8:30 am at the Capitol.

The bills are scheduled to follow the day after an anti-gun rally is planned for Salem.

The four bills are SB 347, SB 699, SB 700 and SB 796.

In SB 347 Prozanski wants to follow the lead of states like Connecticut and banish defensive firearms from school property. This was the very policy that doomed 20 children and 6 adults in the Newtown massacre.  Instead of learning from this horrific event, Prozanski and his anti-rights cohorts intend to make this deadly policy law in Oregon.

SB 699 would ban CHL holders from carrying their defensive firearms at the Capitol. After complaining that gun owners had the nerve to visit the State Capitol and “intimidate” others, the anti-rights crowd said the Capitol was “everyone’s” building, and that’s why we should be forbidden from being there. (You’re right. It makes no sense.)

SB 700 outlaws most private transfers of firearms. Even to someone you have known your entire life.

SB 796 is designed to greatly complicate the the CHL process by mandating an arbitrary “firing range” test even for those who have no gun ranges available to them.  This is another bill that has no purpose except to harass those who want to defend themselves by creating shooting requirements that Prozanski, who has no knowledge of firearms, has more or less made up.  Keep in mind, there will still be NO requirements or mandates for those who choose to carry openly, once again proving their intentions have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with creating roadblocks to self defense. They have provided NO evidence that our current system is not working and they have not explained who will enforce this new mandate. Will we now have a cop at every gun class?

Multiple amendments have been introduced for these bills.

These amendments do nothing more than make these bills more confusing. For example, the “dash three” amendments to the “no guns in the Capitol” bill allow CHL holders to carry “provided the firearm is completely concealed from view.”  This is language that can be so easily misinterpreted that it simply opens CHL holders up to endless abuse. The amendments extend the restrictions to all public buildings  The fact is, there simply has never been a problem with CHL holders in public buildings and we don’t need solutions to problems that don’t exist.

Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and let them know these bills are neither needed nor useful.

You can also use our automailer to contact some or all Oregon legislators.

The bills were clearly scheduled to dovetail with the anti-rights rally planned for the day before. You can rest assured the people who want to disarm you will be out in force. They may even bring in a few “celebrities” to twist arms.

This is a public hearing. You are entitled to have your voice heard. If you can be at the hearing, come early. The rooms will fill up fast. There are sign-up sheets on the table in the hearing room. There will possibly be “overflow” rooms. If the hearing room (room 50) is full, go in anyway and put your name on the list.

Prozanski and the other anti-right zealots are well known for giving almost unlimited time to the people on their side and then shutting down debate when our side wants to speak. It does not matter. If you are there, the point will be made.