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Anti Gun Frauds. Get Ready.


As we told you previously, April 2 has been the day chosen for anti-gun bills in Oregon’s Senate Judiciary Committee.

Until today, we have not been told which bills would be heard.

Today it was announced that on April 2 at 8 AM  the Senate Judiciary Committee would be hearing SB 978.

The hearing will be in Room 50 in the basement of the Oregon Capitol Building.

SB 978 seems to be a very innocuous bill that gun owners should have no interest in, or concern over.

The summary of the bill says:

Directs Department of State Police to conduct study on reporting of attempted unlawful firearm transfers and present report on findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to judiciary on or before September 15, 2020.

Who could argue with that?

But here is the problem.

All bills have a “relating clause.”  This bill’s relating clause says  “Relating to firearms.”  This means that every single word of the bill can be stripped out and replaced with completely different anti-gun language as long as that language relates to firearms.

(These fake bills are called “place holders.”)

We believe the Oregon Democrats are playing “hide the ball” with gun confiscation bills.

While they are required to give advance notice of hearings on bills, they have almost no requirements to share information on “amendments” until, quite literally, the very last minute.

We think that could very well be happening with this bill.

Unless the Senate Judiciary Committee shares other bills they plan to hear (and they are running out of time to do that) it appears they will be holding a hearing on this bill and not allowing Oregonians to know what “amendments” they plan to introduce to make this an extreme anti-gun bill. Of course, the point of this would be to prevent you from knowing their plans so you would have no time to prepare arguments against them.

This is this the worst type of deceit.

If the Democrats decide to share what they will be trying to ram through on April 2nd we will let you know. But for now it seems they are determined to keep it secret so you cannot prepare a response.

If you can be at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing at 8 am on April 2nd, your presence would be incredibly important. You will have to be prepared to testify on changes to the bill that will have been kept secret from you until the last minute. But that is how the Democrats roll in Oregon now.

Please come. Please be ready. And please understand what an underhanded game the Oregon Democrats are playing.