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Another School Endangers Kids, Ballot Measure Update

Official Fiasco Status


There are two items of importance in this alert.

First, now the Salem Keizer School Board is planning to place their students in danger by banning self defense and lawful firearms possession on their property.

Please take a moment  to contact them to oppose this dangerously foolish policy.

You can view their agenda here.

You can send a message to the school board using this link:

Your contact information is required to make sure the system is not abused. It will not be shared.

Second, today the “Explanatory Statement Committee” on Ballot Measure 114 (the gun ban initiative) met to consider public comments made about the proposed statement.

The statement is supposed to be a simple and understandable description of what is in the measure.

The proponents of the measure, once again, demonstrated mind blowing ignorance about every aspect of how firearms work and current law.

They insisted that a person could meet the requirements to “fire” a gun in a classroom. They also continued to completely deny the fact that most shotguns will be outlawed under the measure.

One backer of the measure stated the she was “terrified” of firearms and had a visceral reaction of fear to them. Yet, in spite of her admitted, irrational behavior, she dominated the conversation on what the statement should say.

There was far too much nonsense in today’s hearing to recount, but some things were particularly outrageous.

The committee decided to include, in the explanatory statement, that “Concealed carry license holders may qualify…” for the proposed required permits to purchase.  This is flat out false.  There are no CHL classes that would qualify for this permit. Not only do CHL classes typically not cover state and federal law, but they are rarely taught by police and most classes don’t have live fire components.

(One proponent of the measure actually objected to the word “grandfathered” because it was “gendered language.”)

Whenever the opponents attempted to point out the obvious flaws and misrepresentations in the proposed statements, the proponents demanded that they “move on.”

The committee has not yet voted on this version. If they do not agree on the version they worked on today, the version that was made public previously (which received hundreds of objections) will be printed in the voter’s guide

In short, it’s obvious that the explanatory statement will be nothing more than a state sanctioned effort to mislead the voters in an effort to pass a very dangerous ballot measure.

You can help us fight this absurd attack on constitutional rights and common sense by donating to our Political Action Committee.

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