The Home Lobbyist

Technology has made the job of the citizen activist far easier than it ever was in the past.

Although far from perfect, anyone with a computer now has access to an incredible amount of information in (almost) real time.

This page contains links that are essential for anyone who wants to keep track of legislative activities, even if they cannot be in the Capitol every day.

The Oregon Legislature maintains a web page with a vast amount of information. It takes a bit of time to learn your way around it, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Now, for the first time, anyone with a computer and a high speed connection, can watch the proceedings of any committee and the floor sessions of Oregon’s House and Senate.

What follow are the essential links for the citizen activist.


Find Your Representatives.

Your Oregon Senator and House Rep will be the first two people listed on this link.

Oregon Legislative Home Page

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Receive Legislator’s Newsletters

2013 Bills

2012 Bills


 House Judiciary Member Contact Information

 Senate Judiciary Committee Contact Information

Committee Information

Committee Schedules

Up to date schedules for all committees in House and Senate.

Previous Session’s Bills
See all bills from sessions back to 1995.
Important note: When you are searching the history of previous session’s bills, be advised that the posted history on these pages is not always an accurate portrayal of what actually happened to the bill. HB 2768 in 2005 was actually passed out of committee and was killed by OFF members after it had already been sent to the House Floor. However, none of that is reflected in the posted bill history. So use this information with some caution.

The Complete Oregon Revised Statutes
All of Oregon’s laws.

Legislative TV
Watch any hearing or floor session live on your computer.  To report problems with streaming video or audio, call 503-986-1197

Oregon Archives
Records from past sessions.