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A Storm Is Brewing

A Storm Is Brewing



Today Tina Kotek was sworn in as Oregon’s Governor.

Kotek is a radical, anti-gun extremist, as was her predecessor. But Kotek is well known for being far more vindictive and willing to crush anyone who stands in her way.

You can ask any of the Democrat House Reps who have felt her wrath.

She has already begun touring the state, but much like Joe Biden, she carefully avoids contact with those who don’t march in lockstep with her agenda. Just ask the Yamhill County Commissioners who were pointedly not invited to meet with Kotek when she visited there recently.

Kotek was a vocal cheerleader for Measure 114 while running for office and you can bet that forcing that unconstitutional scheme down our throats will be job one, well ahead of anything she is promising.

A newsletter from anti-rights Senator Floyd Prozanski today announced that implementation of 114 is one of his priorities as well. And the State has already advised that it will be seeking to appeal the hold on 114 that is in place at the moment as a result of the actions of a Judge in Harney County.

Numerous anti-gun bills are already drafted and ready to move through the system.  You can view all the bills currently available at this link Oregon Legislative Information System (

In the upper right hand corner you can click on “Bills” and enter the search term of your choice. Try “firearms” and “handgun.”

There are a number of “pro-gun” bills there that have been introduced by Republicans that have essentially zero chance of passing. However since they have the relating clause “Relating to Firearms” the Democrats can give them hearings, and then take no action on them but later “gut and stuff” them with anti-gun language. A procedure you would think the sponsors would have given some thought to. But… they did not. One more gift elected Republicans handed to the gun grabbers.

There are bills to further restrict CHL’s and at least two bills to ban possession of home made firearms or parts that may one day become firearms. There are no exceptions for firearms you have already lawfully constructed. The second bill can be viewed here.

There is a bill that clearly was intended to intimidate protesting gun owners but could be used against antifa rioters if they were ever arrested and prosecuted. (We know….)

We are just getting started so expect plenty more bad news.

The Republicans no longer have the option of walking out to protect your rights.  Under the failed “leadership” of Christine Drazan and Fred Girod they refused to even consider that, claiming if they did, there could be a ballot measure to forbid walk outs. And as we know, there was anyway. And the Republicans did not bother to post one single argument against that very dangerous measure. So now, in the unlikely event they ever had real leadership, that tool is no longer available.

They do have the power to block the tax increases that the Democrats will be presenting. So in theory they have a bargaining chip. Will they use it? That is extremely doubtful.

The Legislature convenes on January 17th.  Gun owners will not only have to battle these attacks in court (Measure 114) but also in Salem. It’s going to be a rocky ride.

On a somewhat positive note, we are slowly catching up here. Today we were able to ship out the next batch of hats and patches that were overdue to new members.  That entire supply was gone in a flash and the next batch will go out the minute we get them. We have to send a huge shout out and thank you to our friends at Fishead Custom Printing who did an amazing job rushing through the last batch of really nicely done hats. We appreciate their support.

The gun grabbers are losing in court after court. But they have the ability to keep ramming through unconstitutional bills knowing it costs them nothing.

We are in unsettled time for gun owners.  We thank you for you continued support. Buckle up. A storm is brewing.