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A Friend Needs Us

Our friend House Rep Mike Nearman is being charged with CRIMES for doing what the Republican mouthpieces only talk about. He is facing staggering legal bills and an investigation worthy of a Columbian drug lord. We are asking for your help. Mike’s caucus has abandoned him. We cannot. Please consider helping Mike through this nightmare. Donations can be made out to Mike Nearman and sent to our PO Box. Box 556 Canby OR, 97013.

Here is Mike’s story:

Just when you think you’ve seen Oregon’s ruling party sink as far as it can, the Democrats go subterranean .

Only a few years ago, few would have imagined that anyone not yet diagnosed with an identifiable mental disorder would engage in the kinds of twisted, evil, games now being played daily by the supermajority.

One look no further than the modern day witch hunt that is the jihad against House Rep Mike Nearman. It’s fitting that this depraved sideshow is taking place in a town called Salem.

Mike may be the most consistent defender of rational thought in the Oregon Legislature. His history of standing up for conservative values is unmatched, as is his thoughtful assessment of the legislation that Oregon Democrats force feed the state every day.

But an unwavering commitment to American values comes with a heavy price in Oregon. And under the crushing, soul sucking, control of Oregon Democrats like Kate Brown and Tina Kotek, that price is complete personal destruction .

Mike’s crime? He opened a door. More on that in a minute.

Portland, the home city of Kotek and Brown, has become a national joke. The riots continue with the regularity of a metronome while the Democrat Mayor continues to do his best Pee Wee Herman imitation and watches it burn.

But worse than that effeminate gelding, the coven that runs state politics actively encourages the mayhem.

Night after riotous night, swarms of primitive punks burn, loot, and vandalize any structure whose owners foolishly rebuilt after the previous riot.

Coffee shops, churches, museums, and of course, any government building, are all fair, uncontested, game for the pack of hyenas that control and terrorize the city unchecked. But it’s not only buildings that are the targets.

The police, neutered by the leftist nihilists they answer to, can only continue to be firebomb targets and watch as the few people they actually arrest are released unimpeded.

One such entitled thug is Kristina Narayan.


Kristina Narayan


Narayan was arrested, like so many other children of privilege, during a riot last September.

Narayan was among 59 people who were arrested during the riot that occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning. Police declared a riot after 9:15 p.m. after protesters threw “multiple fire bombs at officers,” with one catching a community member on fire, according to a police release. Rocks, fireworks and mortars were also thrown at officers.”

But Narayan is no ordinary, garden variety, Marxist zombie. Narayan is a top staffer for none other than…House Speaker Tina Kotek.

In normal times when an employee of a prominent politician was involved in activities that included firebombs, their bosses would be quick to distance themselves from said employee. But we no longer live in normal times.

Rather than express disapproval of Narayan’s involvement in the continuing disintegration of Oregon’s biggest city, Kotek embraced her. Kotek’s reaction to her staffer’s participation in the riot?

“Every person – including members of my staff – has the right to stand up for what they believe and engage in nonviolent resistance,” she said. “Kristina’s experience is similar to what other Portlanders have experienced over the last few months. We need peace and accountability.”

To no one’s surprise, Narayan was released without bail. Kotek’s office promptly issued a statement noting that the charges against Narayan were dropped. It’s good to have friends in high places.

But if you work for one of Oregon’s most powerful leftists, you get more than special treatment. You get more than being praised for being a criminal. You get off scot free of course, but you also get bills passed in your honor.

Kotek’s minion was arrested for “interfering with a police officer.” Well Tina will have none of that. Not satisfied with having her released with no bail and having no charges filed against her, Tina and her fellow travelers are determined that up-and-coming revolutionaries like Narayan can’t even be arrested in the future. And so, House Bill 3164.

To make sure punks like Narayan and her friends are not interrupted by even a brief trip to the lock up, HB 3164 assures that they can happily go about the business of destroying what’s left of Portland. The bill Removes refusal to obey officer order as manner of committing crime” and should have simply been named the “Kristina Narayan Stay Out Of Jail Free” bill. And who voted for this outrage? Well, House Republican Leader…Christine Drazan!

Which brings us to House Rep Mike Nearman.


Mike Nearman


What exactly did Nearman do to bring down the full force of the left? Mike opened a locked door to the Capitol Building …and walked outside.

A building that he is employed in.

A building that belongs to the people of Oregon.

A building where rules are passed every day that restrict the rights of the voters.

A building that voters should have, and in fact are required to have, access to.  But they don’t.

The “people” no longer matter. The elite are in control and will make decisions. And you rubes better just shut up if you know what’s good for you.

Nearman broke nothing. He burned nothing. He vandalized nothing. He threatened no one.. He simply left the building through a door that was completely unguarded by the police who are now investigating this “crime”. And when the people who were outside came in, people who had every right to be there, they were met with violent resistance by the same police who cannot stop the daily destruction taking place in Oregon’s cities. The citadel is for the rulers. The peasants will stay outside, or be assaulted.

“Standards?” We’ll take a double.

Of course, in the midst of this blatant corruption, what’s even more infuriating is the near total silence of the Oregon Republicans. When Democrat Kotek’s sheltered underling was arrested at a riot, Kotek immediately sprung to her defense. Not a single Democrat dared to utter an even muted criticism of the precious child. Not so with Nearman.

 But House Republican leader Christine Drazan did find time to say:

“The investigation into this incident by law enforcement is underway and must be allowed to be completed…If the investigation finds that actions taken were criminal, legislators are not above the law and will be held responsible.” 

And while both Drazan and Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod have regularly bemoaned the lockdown and lockout of the Capitol, both of have done nothing to open it, showing up day after day to perpetuate the fraud and letting Nearman twist in the wind.

Some animals are just more equal than others.  Brad Witt is one of those animals. Just ask State Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson.  And while the current Speaker of the House is using her power to destroy Mike Nearman, she has been oddly silent on the actions of her predecessor. Another Democrat. What’s a little sex trafficking between Democrat friends?

Unlike the protected punks of the left, Nearman is facing criminal charges. The charges against him are “Official Misconduct in the First Degree” and “Criminal  Trespass in the Second Degree”

Here is one of the statutes Mike’s accusers are claiming he violated:

162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree. (1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

      (a) With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

      (A) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

      (B) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

      (b) The public servant, while acting as a supervisory employee, violates ORS 162.405 and is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that the violation creates a risk of:

      (A) Physical injury to a vulnerable person;

      (B) The commission of a sex crime as defined in ORS 163A.005 against a vulnerable person; or

      (C) The withholding from a vulnerable person of necessary and adequate food, physical care or medical attention.

      (2) Official misconduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

      (3) As used in this section:

      (a) “Supervisory employee” means a person having the authority, in the interest of an employer, to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other employees.

      (b) “Vulnerable person” has the meaning given that term in ORS 136.427. [1971 c.743 §215; 2017 c.519 §1]

A drunken monkey could see none of that applies, but these days in Oregon the people in power can only aspire to be drunken monkeys.

But the truth means nothing when you are an Oregon Democrat determined to destroy your political opponents.

If a public servant can be charged with a crime  “with intent to harm another while knowingly performing an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties”, then Kotek, Brown, and virtually all of the bleating phonies in the Democrat House should be going up the river for life.

In a press release, House Majority Leader Barbara Warner said, without a trace of irony or self awareness ““The rioters Rep. Nearman allowed in the building attacked Oregon State Police. They are tied to extremist white supremacist movements. These actions are an assault on the safety and wellbeing of everyone who was present that day, especially our BIPOC staff and legislators, whose health and safety were threatened. And many of us are still working through that trauma today. There must be accountability, and it starts with denouncing white supremacy and bigotry in our Capitol. “

While Barbara “works through the trauma” of allowing Oregonians into a building they own, a building she clearly believes should be her own private castle, she has kept her otherwise motorized mouth shut on the quotidian violence of the left. Violence that left far more damage to her beloved play house than the one broken door caused by a few provocateurs imbedded in a crowd of frustrated and ignored Oregonians. She has been silent on the abuse by Brad Witt. She has been AWOL on the charges against her friend Dave Hunt.

The hysteria was echoed by Oregon’s official victim caucus.

Meanwhile, the Oregon State Police have brought the hammer down on Mike while real criminals are released from jail, and countless Oregonians wait through unending delays for an “approval” to purchase a firearm because OSP won’t do their job. The Oregon legislature keeps passing bills to further hamstring any cop who actually wants to work and they are doing all they can to make life easy for real criminals.

Too many Oregon Republicans in the Legislature, particularly the “leaders” have drunk the KoolAid.  Oregon is barreling downhill. We are fighting on multiple fronts. But Mike’s situation is critical.  We have seen how unjust the Oregon “Justice System” can be and Mike is being railroaded by militant leftists who are destroying the state. And the people who should be standing up for him have been asleep at the wheel.

If you can help in even a small way it could make a big difference. We are NOT asking you to send a donation to OFF or our PAC.  We would like you to give directly to Mike. If you can help, please write your checks to “Mike Nearman.”

Send them to us so we can protect what little is left of his privacy and we’ll make sure he gets them.  This battle gets uglier by the minute but we can’t abandon our friends.

Mike Nearman c/o OFF

PO Box 556

Canby OR