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And Now We Know

Well, Now We Know

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As Oregonians have watched their state descend into a hellhole of mindless lockdowns, business failures, skyrocketing suicide rates and unchecked (and condoned) mob violence, many have wondered how this could happen.

How could  the “Republicans” who were elected to stand up to this madness roll over, again and again, and allow the left to ram through policies guaranteed to bankrupt small business owners, eliminate freedom of speech and assembly, steal people’s property, and crush the spirit of our children?

And now of course, turn the most law abiding Oregonians into criminals.

SB 554, which passed out of the House Rules Committee will make Oregonians criminals for going to an airport, visiting their child’s school or daring to enter the Capitol Building where antifa and black lives matter rioters are welcome.

It will hold gun owners responsible for crimes committed with guns that were stolen from them and prohibit you from allowing your trained 17 year old daughter from protecting herself when you are not home.

(Don’t be confused by the section that talks about “lawful self defense” that still does not allow you to let your minor child have access to a firearm.)

As rational Oregonians scratched their heads and googled “moving vans” the answer to the Republicans sell-out finally became clear. And to everyone’s astonishment, it was all about…money.

Four million bucks for Senators, two million for House Reps. Money from the benevolent hand of the feds (yes, your money) to do with as they damn well pleased.

Really, sending a bunch of hillbilly gun owners to prison and neutering the police is a pretty small price to pay for that kind of loot.

That was the deal made by the Democrats to buy off the Republicans and get them to stick around and stick it to you. And according to House Republican leader Christine Drazan  “It was important, but I also think that the important thing is we figured out ways that we could work together generally,…That happened to be one where we could find some agreement.”

Yes, working together suddenly becomes a lot more attractive when you are handed a large pile of cash with almost no rules.

Peter Courtney, the Democrat Senate President said We decided to shoot the moon, shoot Pluto…These are the times that require these kinds of daring, risky actions.”

And hell, if all it takes to get the Republicans to sell out the people who elected them is a bunch of money from the Feds, why the heck not? Peter does not like shooting generally, but some interplanetary target practice with money from Washington ain’t so bad.

It would explain the rude and dismissive responses from Fred Girod’s office when gun owners called asking that he stand up for their rights. ( 4 million bucks is a nice sum for a guy whose house burned down in fires that exploded due to demented Democrat forest policy.)

It would explain why House Reps like Bill Post, who never missed an opportunity to have his hand out to gun owners when he thought the money would increase his stature in his caucus, would use his twitter feed to ridicule gun owners and mock a recall effort. (“…these are not Republicans sending threats . They are gun guys who for the most part don’t vote nor contribute to the party. They’ve never been active in the party.”)

It would explain why Lynn Findley and Bill Hansell would abandon their constituents and expedite the passage of SB 554.

It would explain why appointed Senator Bill Kennemer would stick around after telling the people who chose him as a candidate he would walk out.

It would explain why Christine Drazan, who led the House walkout last session, has reconsidered the wisdom of that (successful) strategy.

“Drazan said that the budget proposal floated by Courtney and Kotek was one key to breaking a logjam in the House, where Republicans had insisted until last week that all bills be read in full before a vote.”

That kind of money can certainly look like a lot of votes come election time. If there are any Republicans left to vote for you after your policies force most to leave the state.

So there you have it. A windfall of money from the feds, fleeced from the taxpayers, greases the skids to a new harmony in the Oregon Legislature.  And all it cost was freedom, dignity and your rights.


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Here We Go Again


“If we don’t talk about guns and abortion, we can have a really good session,” House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich of Hood River told the Salem City Club last week.”

Any chance of that happening is now over as Republicans and Democrats have come together, once more, to attack gun rights.

Independent Brian Boquist, and Republicans Court Boice, Charlie Conrad, and Anna Scharf have joined 10 Democrats to sponsor HB 4096.

While cynically claiming that this session the Republicans are going to “protect Second Amendment rights,” something they sure didn’t do in recent sessions, (Senate Republicans place great importance on protecting the constitutional rights of Oregonians whether it be the 2nd Amendment or the Kicker.) it did not take long for Republicans to join with some of the loudest voices against gun ownership to promote the Democrat’s agenda.

The Act allows FFLs to enter into agreements to hold guns for safety.”

The bill also directs the Oregon Health Authority to “develop, publish and distribute a pamphlet on firearm suicide prevention and the use of firearm hold agreements as defined in section 1 of this 2024 Act as a means of reducing firearm suicide risk.”

The bill makes no mention of any kind of suicide other than those committed with firearms. In fact, it does not even acknowledge that there is any other way to commit suicide, it just reinforces the left’s message that guns are bad and directs the OHA to normalize and promote that message.

The Oregon Health Authority, like all Oregon agencies is a bloated, dishonest, budget eating monster that serves as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. That Republicans would choose them to create any information related to gun ownership is startling in its complete lack of awareness.

Under this bill a person who is presumably experiencing a mental health crisis could enter into a “agreement” with a gun dealer to hold his firearms for “an agreed-upon period of time.” And while it gives lip service to legal immunity to gun dealers who return guns to people who have tacitly signaled they are possibly suicidal, in fact it opens the door to endless liability and lawsuits.

The immunity to legal liability does not apply:  (A) If the licensee returns the firearm to a person the licensee knows, or reasonably should know, is a danger to self or others.

You can bet that Oregon’s trial lawyers will see a goldmine in that carve out. After all, if someone drops off their guns because they think they are suicidal, what dealer has the qualifications to determine they are not?

If the Oregon Legislature truly wanted to create a system where a person in crisis could leave their firearms in safe harbor, they could repeal the senseless and dangerous law that makes it nearly impossible and legally dangerous to leave firearms with a trusted friend or family member. Instead they are creating a whole new bureaucracy wrapped in red tape that puts gun dealers in jeopardy and exposes gun owners to embarrassment and humiliation at the worst possible time.

Don’t forget, the Democrats who are controlling Salem want nothing more that to shut down every FFL in Oregon. That is why they are spending millions of your tax dollars to protect Mz 114 against our lawsuits. But beyond that, the bill ignores and refuses to address the legal mess it will create for people who want to get their guns back.

Since these guns are not being repaired, there will not be the background check exemption for gunsmithing. Given the Oregon State Police’s horrendous record completing background checks, and given our current governor’s unbridled hatred for gun owners, what directives do you think OSP will get about approving checks for people who have already implied they are suicidal?

The Oregon Democrats are determined to end gun ownership in the state. The Oregon Democrats determine the agenda. The Oregon Democrats have complete control over this bill and any amendments and added restrictions they can imagine. Boquist and the Republicans are living in a fantasy world if they think this bill is anything less than another back door attack on gun rights. Especially when a real fix is so simple. 

Last session, after the most conservative Senators sacrificed their political futures to stop the left’s endless assault on liberty, Republican “leadership” sold them out and helped pass the Democrat’s agenda. Now Boquist, Conrad, Boice and Scharf seem ready to help them again.  Let them know that 4096 is a Democrat tool and to stop helping the other side. Boquist and Conrad both have a history of promoting anti-gun legislation. Scharf and Boice should know better.



Senator Brain Boquist

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1712



Representative Court Boice

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1401



Representative Charlie Conrad

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1412



Representative Anna Scharf

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1423


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We Are On A Tightrope


The major victory that gun owners achieved when a state court judge declared Mz 114 unconstitutional is in jeopardy. Of course, that’s not a surprise.

Between the two lawsuits filed against the measure, one in Federal Court and one in state court in Harney County, Oregon has spent countless millions of your money to eliminate your gun rights.

The Democrats, and their Department of “Justice,” have displayed a white-hot hatred for law-abiding gun owners and blind rage fed by your tax dollars.

The far left had a temporary victory in Federal Court, where a judge openly defied the directions of the US Supreme Court. However, their efforts to render Oregonians defenseless in the face of the criminal mobs they support were dealt a serious blow when Mz 114 was struck down in state court.

But rest assured, the battle is far from over. As long as Kotek and her lackeys have unlimited access to your money, they will not stop attacking your rights and your property.

The Federal Judge’s decision that a complete ban on firearms transfers and a ban on virtually all firearm’s magazines is constitutional was absurd, of course, and it is being appealed. We have no doubt that her politically motivated orders will eventually be overturned when rational judges examine her bizarre ruling.

But as you know, that will not happen quickly. In the meantime, we need to focus our efforts on defending the victory gun owners had in state court.

Kotek and the Department of “Justice” have not only vowed to appeal this positive ruling, but they have also gone a step further and asked that the measure, which has been declared unconstitutional in every aspect, be enforced while it is being appealed!

This is normal legal practice turned on its head. It is also a sign of just how determined they are to make sure the anarchist thugs they answer to can continue to rule the streets while you and your family are stripped of your ability to defend yourselves. We absolutely cannot let them win this one.

As you know, our Foundation has been paying the costs of the Federal lawsuit. But now we have been asked to assist in the state case that was handled brilliantly and successfully by attorney Tony Aiello. While the costs of the Federal trial have been the largest we have ever had to face, we have agreed to do what we can to help fund the state effort.

The Oregon legislative session is starting soon. If the past is any indication, most of the elected Republicans will fold up and surrender. That means we are going to face a very uphill battle in Salem. The best Senators we have were sold out by their “leadership” after risking their political futures, and the Republicans in the House handed a victory to the gun grabbers when they could have won with no risk to themselves. Then they promised to file a lawsuit against the gun control bill they helped pass, and that turned out to be another bait and switch. That means that whether we like it or not, these court battles are going to be front and center in our fight for the Second Amendment and sanity.

The Harney County victory rocked the leftist elites back on their heels. They are furious, they are vengeful, and they are awash in your money. Gun owners have truly shown themselves to be David in a battle with Goliath. But our rights are hanging on the very edge right now. We absolutely must defend this critical victory. Every single dime will count. We hope we can count on you again.

Please consider whatever you can contribute to help us keep the people who hate freedom at bay.

You can make a secure online donation here:

That link includes a mailing address if you prefer to donate through the mail; however, we have noticed that mail service has become less and less reliable.

Thank you very much for standing up for the Second Amendment in Oregon.

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We’re Waiting….


With Oregon’s Legislature out of session and the first step in our Federal lawsuit to stop Ballot Measure 114 behind us, things may seem a bit “quiet” on the gun rights front.

But like so much in life, things are boiling beneath the surface.

As has been heavily, if badly, reported, Judge Karin Immergut ruled that Measure 114 is, in fact, constitutional and the state of Oregon can ban virtually all firearms magazines and prosecute anyone who bought or sold one since December of last year.

During the trial, Immergut seemed both surprised and confused to learn that the ban was not limited to standard capacity magazines, but in fact any magazine with a removable floor plate.

She nonetheless concluded that the act of removing a floor plate and replacing it with an extension was sufficiently complicated that it did not meet the definition of “readily convertible.”

Given the Biden and ATF’s contention that a block of metal or polymer was so easily convertible into a working firearm that it was in fact a working firearm,  Immergut’s conclusion borders on the delusional.

But Immergut did not stop there.  She also concluded that Measure 114’s “permit to purchase” scheme was constitutional.  In her decision she compared it to laws about permits to carry firearms concealed and concluded that the requirements under 114 were similar and therefor constitutional.

What made this conclusion almost surreal was the fact that Immergut was informed by witnesses at the trial that the permit scheme was impossible to comply with.  This was not in dispute.

Sheriffs testified that they had neither the manpower nor the facilities to provide the required “live fire” training. No one from any police agency testified that they could. In fact, many police agencies, especially in rural areas, have no facilities for their own personnel to train. Some sheriffs have so little manpower that they are months behind in issuing concealed handgun licenses that require nothing more than a certificate from an approved class to issue. Those classes do not require live fire.

The measure’s requirements that students be taught about state and federal law and suicide prevention also dramatically limit who is qualified to teach the classes, which can only be taught by police.

But beyond all those obstacles, Immergut was reminded that the measure requires FBI fingerprint checks. It’s not an option. It’s the law. Period, full stop.  However, as you know, the FBI has flat out said they will not do it.

Sheriff Brad Lohrey made this point in the trial. It was not confusing, it was not ambiguous. It was something even a far left Judge from Brooklyn could understand.

As attorney Matt Rowen pointed out, the government cannot require you to jump through hoops and then refuse to provide any hoops.

But in spite of this, Immergut decided that, in fact, the Founders of our country, who created the most well crafted constitution in the history of the world, would have approved of a restriction on a basic human right that was impossible to comply with. 

To make matters even more obviously partisan, Immergut declared that the whole permit issue was not really one she needed to deal with in any depth because no one had been denied a permit and therefore it was not “ripe” for her court.

The absurdity of this “reasoning” is obvious.  Should Measure 114 go into effect, it will become impossible to lawfully purchase a firearm in this state. Countless businesses will be forced to close down and no one will have the means to acquire the very tools that are undeniably protected by the Second Amendment.

The right to “keep and bear” something by its very nature requires the ability to acquire that thing. Once that ability is outlawed, the right no longer exists.  The only people who refuse to understand this are state lawyers and Federal Judges.

For an excellent and in-depth dissection of what was so obviously wrong with Immergut’s decision, see this article by Stephen Halbrook.

While Oregonians have been given some breathing room as a result of the injunction from a state court in Harney County, that battle is confined to Measure 114’s conflicts with the Oregon Constitution. If, as we expect, the judge rules in favor of gun rights after that trial in September, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum will use your tax dollars to appeal it immediately to the Oregon Appeals Court.

A review of the bio’s of the Oregon Appeals Court will not give you much reason to expect a favorable outcome there. As you know, one of the Judges, Jim Egan, has declared gun owners to be racist, white supremacist, anti-semites.

Of course, the show trial in Immergut’s court was only the first stop in this fight. The next step will be the coming appeals.

It is both immoral and offensive that the people of this state (and country) are forced to pay enormous legal fees to protect rights that the US Supreme Court has already declared to be unconditionally protected under our Constitution. It is even more offensive when we are also forced to pay for the endless supply of state lawyers who are working overtime to eradicate those rights at the whim of a far left, partisan, Attorney General.  But those are the cards we have been dealt.  The outcome of these appeals will impact the entire country as other courts will, no doubt, use Immergut’s clearly wrong decision as they too, attempt to eliminate the Second Amendment.

We are grateful for the generous support we have received by patriots across the state and country but the fight is far from over.

The other looming battle will be the fight over the indisputably unconstitutional HB 2005.

2005 bans privately made firearms in Oregon. It also bans things that might one day become parts of firearms.  While heavily modified from its original version, 2005 still contains a confusing collection of definitions and terms that will no doubt be used to entrap as many Oregon gun owners as possible, and that was always the point. 

But what is really important are the recent decisions by courts that will profoundly affect this law’s implementation.

The bill uses a recent Federal definition to determine what a “frame or receiver” is:

“Frame” has the meaning given that term in 27 C.F.R. 478.12.

“Receiver” has the meaning given that term in 27 C.F.R. 478.12.

But a Federal Court just threw out those definitions ruling that the ATF exceeded its authority to just invent new meanings for things without congressional input.  We have seen the ATF do this before, most recently with Trump’s ban on “bump stocks” and Biden’s ban on pistol braces.

A politician wants to score points and the ATF lapdogs redefine words so they can arrest people for doing things ATF specifically said were legal.

But not this time.  Not only did the court in Texas tell the ATF they went too far, they also denied the ATF’s attempt to stay the court’s ruling.

This makes 2005’s future murky at best.  After using the federal definition for “firearm,” 2005 goes on to create its own definition for “unfinished frame or receiver.” 

(18)(a) “Unfinished frame or receiver” means a forging, casting, printing, extrusion, machined body or similar item that: (A) Is designed to or may readily be completed, assembled or otherwise converted to function as a frame or receiver; or (B) Is marketed or sold to the public to be completed, assembled or otherwise converted to function as a frame or receiver

But given that the definition for “frame” or “receiver” has to be considered when deciding what an “unfinished” frame or receiver is,  and given that the state did not define what they mean by “ may readily be completed, assembled or otherwise converted to function as a frame or receiver;” the actual meaning of 2005 becomes anyone’s guess. Which means if you get prosecuted under the law, the courts are going to decide. And the courts in Oregon are no place for gun owners.

Courts have already ruled that it is unconstitutional to require serial numbers on firearms. The legislature knew this when they passed HB 2005.

As noted, the courts have also thrown out the ATF’s new definitions of firearms and frames and receivers. So HB 2005 has got to go.

We want to remind you that the only reason 2005 is law is because the Oregon Republicans allowed it become law.  Enough Republicans in the Senate showed up to allow it to pass and then the House Republicans, who risked NOTHING by walking out, showed up in sufficient numbers to allow this atrocious bill to pass. It was, in the end, the House Republicans who are responsible for this bill.

So let us not forget that the House Republicans, under the “leadership” of Vikki Iverson promised to sue to block HB 2005 in court.

With all we have asked from you to support the very expensive battle against Measure 114, and all it will cost going forward, we cannot expect you to shoulder the burden of paying to challenge HB 2005. The House Republicans are the reason the bill passed. The House Republicans promised to challenge it in court.  The recent judicial decisions have given Iverson and the House Republicans a clear path forward.

Don’t let them dump this one on you.


Contact Iverson and tell her you expect her to keep her promise.


Representative Vikki Breese Iverson

Republican – District 59 – Prineville

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1459

Support the fight.

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our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor


Photo By Trent Yarnell

…our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor


Independence Day 2023

On this distinctly American holiday, Oregon Firearms wishes you and yours a safe and blessed day of celebration.

America’s history is littered with malevolent acts by evil doers, but no other country has ever come close to the unimaginable accomplishments that freedom allows.

We have no illusions that our freedoms are safe. In fact, many are already gone, but for some the spirit that filled our founders and guided them to rebel against tyranny is still strong.

It has been said there are no lost causes because there are no “won” causes.  And the battle for our liberty is not a race with a finish line. Long after we are gone our children’s children will be facing the same threats. It’s true what we were told about eternal vigilance.

So, on this greatest holiday of patriots and rebels, an update is in order.

Many have been asking about the outcome of our Federal trial to stop the clearly unconstitutional and patently evil Measure 114.  As of right now, we still have no decision from the Judge and no word on when there might be one.

For us, of course, a decision should be easy.  There is no historical  precedent for limiting the number of bullets a person may carry with them for self defense.  The very notion is absurd. Equally absurd is a law requiring that you ask for permission to exercise a fundamental, individual, right especially when, as we have proven, that law is impossible to comply with.

So this case should be a slam dunk.  But that’s not how things work in modern America.  A simple reading of the Constitution should settle the matter, but the “justice” system is political first and foremost and everybody has an agenda.

For now Mz 114 is still enjoined by the State Court decision in Harney County and will remain that way until the trial in September. No matter how either of these trials ends, you can rest assured there will be appeals. Expect this insanity to drag on.

The founders would be horrified.

The most embarrassing legislative session in Oregon history wound up with the Republicans, who had complete control over the agenda, folding up and giving the Democrats free rein to pass everything they wanted. And they did.

The mudslide of far left fantasy bills that the Republicans allowed to become law will create endless damage and chaos for generations to come.  It sometimes seems that the Republicans cannot wait to commit political suicide and are determined to take you along for the ride to hell.  They caved after  assuring that their best people will be prevented from serving in office in the future.  What they got in return was a laughable and transparent rewording of bills where the Democrats got almost everything they wanted.

One Republican House Rep responded to a question about whether she would walk out with this:

…what do you have to lose? My answer? Relationships. I have spent every day in this building trying to build relationships with those across the aisle. For them to know that we love people too, that we care, that we are not the horrible haters they make us out to be- and by walking- I would absolutely compromise those relationships by walking out.”

It is this kind of preemptive capitulation that is causing our rights to evaporate.

There are however, a few bright spots. House Bill 2005 started life as an omnibus anti-gun bill. It was a Demanding Mom’s wish list come true.

One of the elements of the original bill was a ban on personally made firearms.  The original language was crafted so incompetently that it actually wound up banning parts that have never been regulated and ignored the parts the anti-rights crowd thought they were banning.

Because people like you relentlessly reminded the know-nothings in the legislature that this would actually outlaw countless thousands of legally owned firearms they changed the definition of the banned parts to the meaning given that term in 27 C.F.R. 478.12.

So they changed Oregon’s definitions to align with the Federal definition. But as you know, just a few days ago a Federal Court tossed out the ATF’s rules on what frames and receivers are, ruling that the ATF overstepped its authority and has no legal right to regulate things Congress never said they could.

The Court said that while Congress gave ATF the power to regulate “frames and receivers” it did not give them the power to constantly redefine what those terms mean simply to please Joe Biden and entrap gun owners.

Other Courts have already found that requiring serial numbers on firearms is unconstitutional.

In its final form, HB 2005 only banned privately made firearms. The rest of the offending language was removed. So it would certainly appear that 2005 will be rendered meaningless.  Should the Governor sign it (she has not as of this posting), there may still be some attempts to prosecute gun owners for possession of personally made firearms, but the state is going to have a hell of a mess on their hands trying to make a case. All other anti-gun bills died. *UPDATE FROM EMAIL ALERT. This was inaccurate. HB 2572, the awful “paramilitary” bill did pass. We regret the omission.

On another note, if you were not already aware, there are several injunctions against the enforcement of the Federal pistol brace ban. However, those injunctions are not universal.  But members of the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition are included in the protected classes. For a very small donation you can become members of both and be protected from prosecution for pistol brace possession.

It’s cheap insurance and you would be joining two organizations that are fighting for your rights.  Gun Owners of America members appear to also be included but there is some uncertainty if new members would be protected or only those who were already members when their injunction was granted.  But GOA is a great no compromise organization so you would do well to join them too if you are not already a member.

While we await the outcome of the Federal trial we want to thank you again for your support and activism and wish you a proud Independence Day.

You can help us in these battles here:




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Knopp Caves Gun Owners and Good Senators Screwed


It’s about official as it can get. Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp has made a deal with the Democrats and you are on the chopping block.

Personally made firearms will be banned under Knopp’s sell out and while there is some talk of getting something on the record that it will not apply to AR style uppers, we have no reason to think they are actually going to change the language of the bill to clarify that.

But it does not matter.  Americans have a long and proud history of making their own firearms and some of the best innovations in firearms technology were made by individuals in their own shops.

Courts have already declared that banning them or requiring serial numbers is unconstitutional. None of which matters to Knopp and his handful of toadies who went along with this deal.

Now some of the best pro-gun Senators will be prevented from holding office in the future and gun owners still got the shaft.

Senator Hansell is not running again so he does not care, Anderson and Brock Smith stayed on the floor to protect their own sorry backsides and Knopp knows he has no chance of winning his seat again.  But they all got to vote on approving the sell out.

Once again, Republican “leadership” has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Another disgrace for the people who got hired to protect our rights.

It’s not clear exactly who will be returning to the floor or when and some Senators clearly did not approve of this “deal”.

We will know more in the coming days.  Your efforts have been heroic.  But in the end, Knopp and his minions care a lot more about themselves than your rights.

Knopp is pretty much done with, so if you want to express your disgust feel free to contact Anderson and Brock Smith who stayed on the floor to make sure they could run again. We hope the voters in their districts recognize what disgraceful sell outs they are.


Because of changes that are being made in the bill, it still will have to go back to the House to approve those changes. This late in the session, House members can safely walk out and still kill this.  We have no indication they have the courage to do so.  But there is still time to contact the House Minority Leader and tell her that the House now has the chance to do the right thing and not even have to show the courage some Senators have.

Please contact Vikki Breese Iverson and tell her to walk out on the concurrence vote on HB 2005. This one should be a no brainer.


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Senate Standing Firm

Today once again, the only Republican Senators to show up for the circus in Salem were Dick Anderson and David Brock Smith.
All other Republican Senators have refused to be there to promote the Marxist agenda of the Democrats.
Senator Janeen Sollman extended  “courtesies” to… herself, for being on the cover of a magazine with Republican Senator Lynn Findley.

Meanwhile, over on the House side, the Republicans dutifully showed up to, not only help pass Democrat bills, they once again expedited them by having Kim Wallan move to suspend the rules so the bills would not have to be read in their entirety  and could be voted on with just the summaries being read.  This saves time for the Democrats in their pursuit of a complete destruction of our state.
Democrat Senator Sara Gelser rose today on the Senate floor to thank the House for their efforts passing Democrat bills. The Republicans were, of course, included in her thanks.
By the way,  House Rep Kim Wallan voted against the dangerous “paramilitary” bill  not because it was an outrageous attack on Oregonian’s rights to self defense, but because she felt i
t did not go far enough in those attacks. Wallan told KMED talk show host Bill Meyer that OFF’s Kevin Starrett “did not understand the bill.”  We reached out to Wallan to find out what she knows that almost every other Republican in the House does not.  The only House Republicans who voted for this monstrosity were Charlie Conrad, who has become a reliable vote for Democrats and Kevin Mannix who has a quarter century history of supporting gun control.  Oddly, we have not heard back from Wallan.

The Lane County Republicans, showing backbone rare in party politics, are calling for the resignation of Charlie Conrad. You can fully expect the House Republicans to rush to this fraud’s defense.

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If you’ve been with us for a while you know we have never been shy about calling out Republican legislators as well as Democrats.

Today we have a different story.

As we told you earlier, every single Republican Senator refused to show up today for the grotesque parody we have been witnessing in Salem.

Today, three of then reached their tenth day of “unexcused absences” meaning under Ballot Measure 113, they cannot run for office in the next election cycle.  We have no reason to believe more will not follow in the days ahead.

So, before we do one more thing, let’s send our gratitude to those who took the point in the the ugliest time in Oregon politics.

They crossed the Rubicon for us and for something the bottom dwellers in the Democrat caucus could never understand. Principle.

So right now, please reach out with an expression of thanks for a level of courage unheard of in modern politics.


Senator Brian Boquist

Senator Dan Bonham

Senator Dennis Linthicum


Senator Rob Wagner

Wagner personifies everything venal, arrogant, petty and, ultimately, stupid about Oregon’s modern Democrats.

He has no concept of personal integrity, no honor, and no interest in anything except the acquisition of power.  So it’s been instructive to watch him grow increasingly frazzled as his threats and bluster failed to intimidate the Senate Republicans.

Today he blathered on about the Constitution. Something he and his fellow Democrats have never given a damn about before and certainly have not considered as they steamrolled extremist bills they know are unconstitutional.

Wagner is outraged ! OUTRAGED! that Republican Senators have peacefully walked away from this disgraceful sideshow even as his ilk praise the riots and disruptions that take place when something happens his party does not like. 

He continually refers to the passage of Ballot Measure 113 as some kind of holy grail because the “people” of Oregon passed it, never mentioning that they also passed the catastrophic Ballot Measure 110 and a series of other ballot measures the leftists in the legislature immediately went to work to overturn.  The will of the “people” only counts when it aligns with his extremist agenda.

The “will of the people” meant nothing when the people of Columbia County voted twice for a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance.

But now Wagner and his fellow travelers are out of plays.  The Senators they have been threatening have called their bluff and placed integrity over self interest. And cowards and liars like Wagner have no cards left to play.

Please take a minute to send a message of support to the men who stood up for us today.


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We Won’t Soon Forget…


This is a day we won’t soon forget.”

Those bold words closed a press release signed by Republican leaders Tim Knopp and Vikki Breese Iverson.

That was yesterday. Today… they forgot.

While there was no Senate Floor session, the Oregon House, with the assistance of House Republicans, raced through over 30 bills. 

The House Republicans did not require that the bills be read in their entirety, a tool they have to grind the dangerous business of the Democrats to a crawl.

It’s Friday. At least one Republican complained that they “want to go home.”

We think that’s a great idea. As long as they don’t come back.

For whatever reason, the Oregon House Republicans are assisting the Democrats in moving their agenda along.

Any delay in the gun bill votes won’t mean anything if the Democrats are able to pass the rest of their agenda and then force a vote on the gun bills later.

The Democrats are not stupid.  They can look at a calendar and they know when they will need to get their bills to the floor in time to eviscerate gun rights in Oregon.

“Democrats insist they are not concerned about running out of time to pass their priorities before a mandatory June 25 adjournment.”

“In the House, Rayfield on Wednesday agreed to delay a vote on House Bill 2005, a bill to outlaw so-called ghost guns, increase the age to possess many guns to 21, and potentially increase the number of public places where concealed handguns are prohibited. In exchange for postponing a vote on the bill to early May, Republicans agreed to ease up on delay maneuvers that some in the party had touted earlier in the day.”

“These are delay tactics,” said Lieber, a Portland Democrat, “and it’s not going to interfere with the Democratic agenda.”

Now is not the time to relax. Most people have told us they are getting NO response from leadership to their requests that they do their job. It doesn’t matter. They don’t have to return your calls or emails. They just have to get them.

Remember, they have many ways to filter and ignore emails.  But even if your calls go to a voice mail, someone has to listen to at least part of them before they can file them away.  So don’t stop calling and reminding Tim Knopp and Vikki Breese Iverson that long after they have forgotten, you will remember.

Senator Tim Knopp


Representative Vikki Breese Iverson


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Please Speak Against The Coming Propaganda.


On March 28th at 3pm, the Senate Education Committee is scheduled to hold a “work session” on SB 551.

This bill requires that schools “provide specified information related to secure storage of firearms.”

The problem is, it does not say what that “information” is, who provides it, or who assures it’s accurate and unbiased.

Given that Oregon’s mandatory lock up laws call for very dangerous devices like “trigger locks” it’s a safe bet that any information the “state” will be providing about firearm’s storage will be false, biased, and hazardous .

As of right now,  no amendments have been posted for this bill that would clarify what information will be provided to students and their parents, but you can rest assured it will be anti-gun propaganda unless you speak up.

You can track any changes to this bill or its schedule here

Please contact the Republican members of the Senate Education Committee and request that they vote against this bill unless amendments are added that allow the information on safe storage to be provided by professionals with actual knowledge of firearms.

Senator Suzanne Weber. 503-986-1716

Senator Dick Anderson. 503-986-1705

Senator Art Robinson 503-986-1702

The links will also provide their email addresses, but phone calls can’t be filtered into folders to be ignored.

Please note that Senator Art Robinson will almost certainly be aware of the dangers of this bill and is the person most likely to stand up for gun owners and common sense.

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Lawsuits and Legislation.





The lawsuits against Mz 114 continue to wind their way through the courts. And, to no one’s surprise the legal bills keep rolling in.

As the lead plaintiffs on the federal lawsuit against 114, OFF has two attorneys doing all they can to craft the best case possible. But, as you well know, legal help is expensive.  Anything you can do to help fund this critical battle is greatly appreciated.

You can donate safely online here:

That link includes a mailing address if you prefer to donate through the mail, but please note, we have been seeing delays in mail delivery of up to a month here. Sometimes checks sent through the mail never arrive.  We have had no issues with online donations ever.

Our case in Federal Court is now due to be heard in June.  The court has changed the date several times complicating our efforts to schedule expert witnesses and adding to our cost.

The state has no similar problems because they have your money and can (and will) spend as much of it as they like.

We anticipate that depositions may begin soon.

Once the case is heard we believe there is a significant likelihood that the Federal Judge will find against gun owners, as she already has in our efforts to get a emergency injunction. She decided that she will not even hold a hearing on a “preliminary injunction” and will go directly to a trial on whether or not 114 is constitutional.  Her purported reasoning was that since a state judge had already ordered an injunction there was no need for her to consider one.

Of course, that ignored the reality that while it was true that a state judge had put a hold on 114, the Department of “Justice” was doing all it could to overturn it.

We have always assumed that the battle would have to be decided in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. So we are quite prepared for the Federal judge to declare, that an almost certain end to gun sales in Oregon, and a ban on firearms feeding devices, is somehow constitutional.

In the very unlikely event that the judge actually abides by Supreme Court precedent and declares 114 unconstitutional, there is no question that the state and the Department of “Justice” will appeal it themselves and so either way this will go to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unless something totally unexpected happens. (Which is still possible.). So settle in, we are in it for the long haul.

In the parallel case playing out in State Court, the Judge has set a September date for a trial.  The Department of Justice attempted to move that date up by months. And it’s no secret why.  If the Harney County Judge declares that 114 violates the Oregon Constitution, the state will, of course, appeal.

And let us not forget who sits on the Court of Appeals in Oregon. One Judge James Egan. In case you missed it, Egan believes that anyone who supports the Second Amendment is a racist, anti-semitic, white supremacist.  And no, we are not exaggerating.

Egan’s outrageous and hate filled rant against gun owners was perfectly typical of leftist extremists, but coming from a sitting judge was truly chilling.

There is no possible way we can hope for a fair ruling in the Measure 114 state case if Egan is on the bench when the case is heard.

After we reported Egan’s bizarre and outrageous outburst, we heard from many who wanted to file a complaint against him.

We filed one. But we also reached out to the leaders of the Republican House and Senate Caucuses.

As you know, the Republicans are in the distinct minority. The one tool they had to keep the far left in check was the walk out, which in recent sessions they simply refused to use, telling us that if they did, there would be a ballot measure against walk outs.  Well, as you know, even though they meekly sat by and let the Dems step all over them, there was a ballot measure to stop walk out’s anyway. And even though this was a fundamental, constitutional, and crucial tool for the minority party, they did not say a single word in opposition to the ballot measure and it passed. Which certainly made life easier for Republicans who don’t like to stand up.

So with limited tools, and the reality that if the Harney County Measure 114 case winds up in front of Judge Egan, gun owners are in real trouble, we simply asked Republican “leadership” if they would request  their members to join in a complaint against Judge Egan. 

We all know that there is no guarantee that any tactic is going to save the day. But a complaint against the despicable conduct of a rogue judge made by many elected officials would certainly carry more weight than the complaints of individuals or OFF as one of the organizations defamed by Judge Egan.

However, neither Republican Senate “leader” Tim Knopp, nor Republican House “leader” Vikki Iverson are interested. And while many Republicans continue to send out newsletters touting their commitment to gun rights, when given the opportunity to stand up, the Republican “leaders” sit down. One more time.

Given the bills that some Republicans are sponsoring, that they claim are pro-gun, but have neither read nor understand, it’s becoming more painfully clear every day that relying on Republican legislators will be a massive disappointment.  For now, it’s up to us.

We are deeply grateful for your support and your continued commitment to the Second Amendment.


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Lawsuit and Legislative Update



The Oregon Legislative session is rolling on. We are now monitoring about 25 bills that would affect gun owners.

As always, the Democrats are hard at work attempting to enable violent criminals and endanger law abiding Oregonians.

As an added bonus they are working to pass legislation to allow criminals to vote FROM JAIL.

Now, you don’t suppose the truly captive audience in lock up might get some “assistance” filling out their ballots, be offered incentives to vote a certain way, or trade ballots for extra meals or privileges do you?

Oregon’s cartel media is busy spreading stories that are either misleading or patently false about OFF.  What is now published or broadcast in “mainstream” “news” sources is often comically and obviously fake, yet the hacks who churn out this garbage will never miss an opportunity to post nonsense if they think it can demean the people they hate. Like hunters for example. Of course, then it’s up to you to go seek out the truth.

The people in charge are corrupt or blatantly partisan.

These battles are not about differences of ideology, they are about facts versus lies, about freedom and integrity versus corruption and tyranny.

As you can imagine, We have a lot of work to do.

First an update on the lawsuit against Measure 114.

As you know, in a case brought by Gun Owners of America, a state judge in Harney County put a hold on all of measure 114. So, none of it is legally in effect.

However, the promoters of the measure have managed to do much of the damage they were hoping for anyway.

There are still tens of thousands of law abiding Oregonians being denied their rights and property because the “Firearms Instant Check System”, run by the Oregon State Police under the direction of the Oregon Governor, is in chaos.

While some transfers are taking place many thousands are in limbo waiting for a resolution.

If the OSP takes more than 30 days to issue an approval, the buyer is back to square one and the background check has to be done again. And again the buyer is stuck in a Soviet like experience simply trying to exercise a right.

Many distributors are refusing to ship products to Oregon because of their concerns about Mz 114, and, as you know, Oregon’s Attorney General, an anti-rights extremest has asked the Oregon Supreme Court to overrule the Harney Judge’s decision.  The Court could issue a decision on that at any time.

Meanwhile our Federal lawsuit is moving forward at the glacial pace they all do.

The Judge in the Federal case refused to put a hold on Mz 114 except for the permit to purchase part, which the state was forced to admit  (as we all knew) was impossible to implement.

But even that hold is temporary.  However, the judge did offer to skip a hearing on a preliminary injunction and go directly to a trial on whether 114 is Constitutional.  She noted that the measure is on hold as a result of the state injunction.

This was not a deal the lawyers in our combined cases agreed to. Clearly, the state hold could disappear tomorrow if the Democrats who are in charge have their way and then countless Oregonians and gun dealers would be shafted.

So the next step in the Federal case will be a hearing on a preliminary injunction in Federal Court.

Don’t feel lonely if you’re confused. That hearing is scheduled for late February.

There is no timetable for when the hearing to determine whether the law is constitutional or not would happen. These cases can drag on for insane amounts of time. We are very grateful for your continued support in this very expensive battle.

And of course, there are other cases winding their way through the courts that could impact ours and the actions of our own legislature could change everything.

Senator Floyd Prozanski, who worked side by side with Ginny Burdick for years to strip Oregonians of their rights is carrying on her work after she left for a better paying government gig.

Floyd has announced his intentions to implement Mz. 114.  He can use any one of many anti-gun bills (or even some “pro-gun” bills) as a vehicle for this, but there are some that were clearly introduced as “place holders” to be gut and stuffed later. HB 2373 looks like a prime candidate.

As we have pointed out, the Democrats have the usual collection of anti-gun bills including one to make gun owners criminals if they come to a rally near the Capitol while lawfully armed. In fact, if the Democrats have their way, concealed handgun license holders could be arrested merely for driving past the Capitol if in possession of a firearm. But not only the Capitol. Gun owners could be breaking the law simply because they were too close to any government building. SB 686. 

If the Democrats are successful, picking up a family member at the airport while armed would get you a year in jail. Think about that.

So, given the fact that the Democrats have not only a burning desire to attack law abiding Oregonians, but they also have a majority of both Houses, the Governor’s Office, the Secretary of State’s Office and the Attorney Generals Office, what options do gun owners have to hang onto their rights, property and freedom in Oregon?

Well even though Oregon Republicans gave up their right to walk out without a whimper, they still have a card to play should they break with recent practice and grow a spine.

Democrats no longer have a “super majority.”  They cannot pass new taxes without Republican votes. And the Democrats are salivating to pass even more taxes to soak Oregonians to pay for new programs to address the massive problems they created with their previous programs.

Our new governor is already talking about spending MILLIONS on more failed policies to address the homeless crisis Democrats created. And since Oregonians voted for guaranteed “appropriate” health care for ALL with no plan for who was going to pay for it, you can rest assured that Kotek and the other leftists will be doing all they can to fund this boondoggle with more of your money.

But, they cannot do it without the Republicans helping them.

That means, quite simply, that Republicans have the power to put a stop to all anti-gun legislation if they dig in their heels, show some courage and refuse to go along with the Democrats tax madness if the Democrats insist on screwing Oregon gun owners.

This power is now in the hands of the Republican Senate Leader, Tim Knopp, and the Republican House Leader, Vikki Iverson.

Knopp is already saying he plans to stand up to the Democrats.  But remember, Knopp was the ONLY Republican Senator who refused to walk out when the Republicans, under Herman Baertshieger, walked out and controlled the agenda.  Knopp stayed behind with the Democrats.

Iverson’s husband attacked OFF in an email to candidates in the last election saying OFF was a “fringe group” and failing to mention the thousands of dollars our PAC gave to Republican candidates in the previous election. (Hilariously, Iverson sent a letter to OFFPAC after her husband attacked us… asking for money.) So the new Republican “leadership” has a way to go before we’ll assume they actually will stand up. But the point is, they CAN. And they must.

Knopp and Iverson are the only thing standing in the way of the Democrat’s plans to steamroll Oregon gun owners. We have to hold them to it.

Knopp and Iverson were not elected by anti-gunners. Both have said they will stand up for gun rights.

Please keep their contact information. The ball is in their court. We are looking forward to reporting that they did the right thing for gun owners and all Oregonians.

Senator Tim Knopp

Representative Vikkie Breese Iverson

One more thing.  Many of you have supported us through the charitable donations policies of Fred Meyer and Amazon Smile. While the Fred Meyer program is still functioning, Amazon has terminated its charitable donation program and no longer makes donations to non profit organizations when you purchase through them.

You can support our efforts to protect gun rights here.

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The Media Is Lying And Losing


The Media Is Lying And Losing

We have what we hope will be good news on Ballot Measure 114.

In spite of massive spending by the leftists who are promoting the measure, a poll published by the Oregonian shows support from only 51% of Oregon voters.

Why would that be good news?

Well, if you read the whole story the Oregonian published, it’s clear, that just like the rest of the cartel media, they are doing everything they can to deceive Oregon voters about what the measure does.

It’s safe to say that the poll is as slanted as the article was and even with grossly biased polls, massive spending, and endless deception by the media, there is not overwhelming support for the measure. And with a margin of error of 4%, it looks even worse for the extremists who are attempting to destroy civil rights.

In spite of gifts of $100,000.00 from Gabby Giffords, $50,000.00 from the Oregon Raindrop Fund, $48,000.00 from the “Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety”, $20,000.00 from the “Nurses United Political Action Committee”, $10,000.00 from Kate Brown, $10,000.00 from ACLU and others, they have still not been able to fool most Oregonians.

But make no mistake. The media is completely in the tank to pass this measure and they are not going to let up any time soon.

This quote from the article demonstrates how misinformed people who answered the poll are:  Mark Magee, a voter in Southeast Portland who participated in the poll, said he supported the measure because he feels there are too many “over-the-top weapons” out there.”

Unless Magee considers common sporting shotguns to be “over the top” weapons his comment makes no sense when discussing this measure.

After a lengthy interview with the Oregonian “reporter” who wrote this article, even after she was fully informed that the new “rules” were impossible to comply with, that the police oppose this measure, that there is NO cap on the cost for required “classes” (that virtually no one will be able to give) that this will have a devastating effect on low income communities, destroy youth shotgun competition, and put countless small shops out of business, she absurdly stated Opponents call the measure an overreach that doesn’t guarantee adequate funding from permit fees to pay for the required classes and the database, among other objections.”

And that highly biased comment does not even make sense.  “Permit fees” won’t pay for the required classes.  People trying to exercise their rights will pay for the required classes. That is if any are even available.

The pattern is clear and has been since this measure made the ballot.  The legacy media has, and will continue to, do all it can to hide what this measure actually does. It’s so extreme even the Oregon Democrat Party has refused to endorse it.

Police from across the state oppose it and with every new court decision it becomes undeniably clear that it will, if passed, be declared unconstitutional. Eventually.

But that fight will take years and millions to battle through the Kate Brown controlled courts.  So it’s essential that we beat this atrocity at the ballot box.

Please share the website with everyone you know. Whether they are gun owners or not, voters need to be informed about how dangerous and extreme this deceptive measure is.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fight with donations and volunteer efforts. You are making a difference.

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If We Save Just One Life

If We Save Just One Life

UPDATED 06.22.2022
The fight to protect kids in schools is a district by district battle.

While some school districts in liberal enclaves have predictably voted to put a big target on the backs of the kids in their “care,” other districts have heard you loud and clear and backed off of the foolish policy of disarming the good guys.

Now the Scappoose School District is considering a policy to prohibit staff and parents from being legally armed on their property.

The most recent revelations about what happened in Uvalde, Texas have demonstrated beyond any doubt, the lunacy of disarming people who would protect kids from attackers if only it were allowed.

We have all seen the videos of police preventing parents from attempting to save their children, even as armed, trained police waited outside of the crime scene doing nothing while kids died.

This is not acceptable.  The best intentions of the police will never beat an armed citizen already on the scene.

But now, incredibly, the Scappoose School District wants to disarm responsible, armed, adults as a response to the acts of deranged criminals. It simply makes no sense.

The Scappose School Board is scheduled to vote on this inexcusable policy on June 27th.  They need to hear from you.  Your efforts in the past have made a difference so please make your voice heard again.

As of the time of this alert, the Scappoose School District has no contact information for individual school board members, not even their names! Oddly, they have a gallery of photos, but zero identifying  information.

The school establishment is trying to make this debate about “arming teachers” and “increased insurance.”  Both arguments are fabricated straw men.

No one is talking about “arming teachers.”  That should be their decision. And the insurance argument is another bit of slight-of-hand.  All that responsible people are requesting is that they leave the policy the way it is. No change, no insurance issues.

No one should be denied the ability to pick up their children, attend a school function, or meet with a teacher simply because they have accepted the responsibility to protect kids.

Please contact the School Board and let them know that you strongly oppose this change and urge them to protect the kids and not bow to the woke mob.

Scappose School Board

A suggested message follows that you can modify if you choose.

UPDATE:  Thanks to several people who ferreted out the email addresses and names of the Scappoose School Board:

Tim Porter (Superintendent):

Will Kessi :

Summer Hoag:

Phil Lager:

Michelle Graham:

Jim Hoag:

Gwen Klobes:

Branda Jurasek:



To the Scappoose School Board,

I strongly oppose any effort to deny responsibly armed adults the ability to protect children and themselves while on school property.

We have seen the tragic results of assuming that the police alone will stop an attacker.

This issue is NOT about arming teachers. It is about using common sense and recognizing that people who are licensed to carry firearms do not suddenly become dangerous or irresponsible when they step foot on your property.

Please reject this dangerous and foolish proposal.

2022 Oregon Primary Election Candidate Ratings

2022 Candidate Survey Results

Please note, as a result of the recent Democrat redistricting, you may not be in the district you were the last time you voted.

Finding your new district can be a bit of a challenge. To determine which House and Senate district you will be voting in please use this link.

Candidate ratings are, at best, a fragile enterprise.

As you no doubt know, we have endorsed, supported, and donated to candidates in the recent past who we would not hire as janitors now.

So, with that in mind we’ll share our imperfect guesses on people running for office. If they have no voting record that’s the best we can do. Sometimes even if they DO have voting records that’s the best we can do.

We surveyed candidates for governor and legislative seats.

We did NOT survey Democrat candidates as we had in the past.  The Democrats have openly declared war on gun owners, liberty, and anyone who contributes to society. They have embraced and enabled parasites and criminals. We did not need a survey to know where anyone running as a Democrat was coming from.

We did not survey most Republican incumbents. With a few exceptions it was  clear where they stood. On the House side, virtually all of them behaved so disgracefully that we had no problem placing them solidly in the “no” list.

There were a few who were appointed late in the game so we gave them the opportunity to answer our survey if they so chose.

In the case of Kevin Mannix, who is seeking, (one more time) a House seat, he is a “Republican” who is not currently in office, but whose history as a shifty, anti-gun, attention whore made it easy to place him  firmly in the camp of the majority of incumbent Republican House Reps.

While most Republican incumbents added their approval to some dangerous leftist legislation, every single one of them (except for a few appointed late in the session due to a vacancy) refused to stand up and walk out, agreed to give up one of the only tools they had to combat the Democrat’s madness, and piled on to expel the only member with integrity, Mike Nearman.

And they did it for a payoff of 2 million bucks.

Why anyone would want a job that required working with this collection of greedy cowards is a bit of a mystery, but someone has to do it.

Our legislator’s survey touched on two points. The first asked if the candidate would stand up to their failed and pathetic “leadership” and  represent the people who elected them. The second inquired about their specific stands on existing gun law.

We rated them on a percentage basis according to their answers.

At this point, it’s important to note that candidates for legislative seats were warned NOT to answer our survey by their respective caucuses.

Below we have reproduced emails sent to candidates by political hack Bryan Iverson, who “advises” the House and Senate Republican Caucuses. Bryan also happens to be the husband of current House Republican Leader, Vicki Breeze Iverson.


From: Bryan Iverson <>

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2022 7:06 PM

To: Bryan Iverson <>

Subject: OFF email

 If you get an email questionnaire from Oregon Firearms Federation, (OFF) just delete it. They are a fringe gun group bashing Republicans to fundraise. Not worth your time to respond. 

 Let me know if you get any other questionnaires that you are not sure of. 


 Bryan Iverson

Senior Advisor to Senate Republican Leader, Tim Knopp

Political Director, Leadership Fund 


From: Bryan Iverson <>

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2022 4:10 PM

Subject: OFF Questions

Hello Candidates!

Apparently there is an OFF Questionnaire floating around to you all. House Republican Caucus wants you to not respond to the email and just ignore things from this Fringe group trying to get you to answer questions that can be used against you in the future.

I have cc’d Chris Prosch our campaign Director who you can ask for any further clarification, but just know it is not worth your time and we will not be working with OFF in any way during campaigns.

Thank you


Bryan Iverson

Senior Advisor to House Republicans


Oddly, Iverson neglects to mention that the “fringe” group he is referring to (us) has been active in Oregon politics for over 20 years and, last election cycle alone, donated well over $200,000.00 to Republican candidates, (including his wife) after being asked to by the House and Senate Republican leaders.  None of the candidates who won have offered to return any of the money.

While both caucuses asked for money and endorsements, they now demand that we be “banned from the building” (Senator Fred Girod) and called us a “rogue” organization (Rep Christine Drazan.) But of course, they cashed the checks.

We supported candidates based on their previous actions and records. When they folded up and abandoned Oregon for a payoff, we called them out. And we’ll continue to do so.

As you can imagine, candidates who responded and made clear that they were more interested in protecting Oregon than sucking up to “leadership” deserve serious consideration.  They put themselves on the line. 

They can expect to be attacked by an establishment that is more interested in offices and parking spaces than protecting your rights.

As you will see, many candidates chose not to go on the record. Some had no working emails so there was no way to get surveys to them. Some prefer to not go on the record. Some, no doubt, hope to be embraced by the failing establishment. This is not uncommon in politics.

We surveyed some, but not all, of the Republican candidates for Governor. It seemed like half the people registered in the Republican Party filed to run for governor. Just to be practical we tried to narrow it down to the candidates we thought were the most credible. By that we don’t mean they were necessarily good people, but that they had a plan and a campaign and a working email address .

We’re sure some will disagree with our choices. One thing we can probably all agree on is that without a radical change in the leadership and policies of the Oregon Republicans, our state will continue to disintegrate.  Please register to vote. Research the candidates in your district and show up at forums and debates with questions. And don’t settle for non-committal shuck and jive responses.  We are running out of time.

(Please note, the percentage grades are based on candidate’s answers to our survey. A “100%” grade reflects their answers but does not imply an endorsement.  Endorsed candidates are noted next to their grades.)

Click here for Senate survey results.

Click here for House survey results.

Click here for the results of our Governor surveys.