2022 Oregon Primary Election Candidate Ratings

2022 Candidate Survey Results

Please note, as a result of the recent Democrat redistricting, you may not be in the district you were the last time you voted.

Finding your new district can be a bit of a challenge. To determine which House and Senate district you will be voting in please use this link.

Candidate ratings are, at best, a fragile enterprise.

As you no doubt know, we have endorsed, supported, and donated to candidates in the recent past who we would not hire as janitors now.

So, with that in mind we’ll share our imperfect guesses on people running for office. If they have no voting record that’s the best we can do. Sometimes even if they DO have voting records that’s the best we can do.

We surveyed candidates for governor and legislative seats.

We did NOT survey Democrat candidates as we had in the past.  The Democrats have openly declared war on gun owners, liberty, and anyone who contributes to society. They have embraced and enabled parasites and criminals. We did not need a survey to know where anyone running as a Democrat was coming from.

We did not survey most Republican incumbents. With a few exceptions it was  clear where they stood. On the House side, virtually all of them behaved so disgracefully that we had no problem placing them solidly in the “no” list.

There were a few who were appointed late in the game so we gave them the opportunity to answer our survey if they so chose.

In the case of Kevin Mannix, who is seeking, (one more time) a House seat, he is a “Republican” who is not currently in office, but whose history as a shifty, anti-gun, attention whore made it easy to place him  firmly in the camp of the majority of incumbent Republican House Reps.

While most Republican incumbents added their approval to some dangerous leftist legislation, every single one of them (except for a few appointed late in the session due to a vacancy) refused to stand up and walk out, agreed to give up one of the only tools they had to combat the Democrat’s madness, and piled on to expel the only member with integrity, Mike Nearman.

And they did it for a payoff of 2 million bucks.

Why anyone would want a job that required working with this collection of greedy cowards is a bit of a mystery, but someone has to do it.

Our legislator’s survey touched on two points. The first asked if the candidate would stand up to their failed and pathetic “leadership” and  represent the people who elected them. The second inquired about their specific stands on existing gun law.

We rated them on a percentage basis according to their answers.

At this point, it’s important to note that candidates for legislative seats were warned NOT to answer our survey by their respective caucuses.

Below we have reproduced emails sent to candidates by political hack Bryan Iverson, who “advises” the House and Senate Republican Caucuses. Bryan also happens to be the husband of current House Republican Leader, Vicki Breeze Iverson.


From: Bryan Iverson <bryan@iversonmedia.com>

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2022 7:06 PM

To: Bryan Iverson <bryan@iversonmedia.com>

Subject: OFF email

 If you get an email questionnaire from Oregon Firearms Federation, (OFF) just delete it. They are a fringe gun group bashing Republicans to fundraise. Not worth your time to respond. 

 Let me know if you get any other questionnaires that you are not sure of. 


 Bryan Iverson

Senior Advisor to Senate Republican Leader, Tim Knopp

Political Director, Leadership Fund



From: Bryan Iverson <bryan@iversonmedia.com>

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2022 4:10 PM

Subject: OFF Questions

Hello Candidates!

Apparently there is an OFF Questionnaire floating around to you all. House Republican Caucus wants you to not respond to the email and just ignore things from this Fringe group trying to get you to answer questions that can be used against you in the future.

I have cc’d Chris Prosch our campaign Director who you can ask for any further clarification, but just know it is not worth your time and we will not be working with OFF in any way during campaigns.

Thank you


Bryan Iverson

Senior Advisor to House Republicans



Oddly, Iverson neglects to mention that the “fringe” group he is referring to (us) has been active in Oregon politics for over 20 years and, last election cycle alone, donated well over $200,000.00 to Republican candidates, (including his wife) after being asked to by the House and Senate Republican leaders.  None of the candidates who won have offered to return any of the money.

While both caucuses asked for money and endorsements, they now demand that we be “banned from the building” (Senator Fred Girod) and called us a “rogue” organization (Rep Christine Drazan.) But of course, they cashed the checks.

We supported candidates based on their previous actions and records. When they folded up and abandoned Oregon for a payoff, we called them out. And we’ll continue to do so.

As you can imagine, candidates who responded and made clear that they were more interested in protecting Oregon than sucking up to “leadership” deserve serious consideration.  They put themselves on the line. 

They can expect to be attacked by an establishment that is more interested in offices and parking spaces than protecting your rights.

As you will see, many candidates chose not to go on the record. Some had no working emails so there was no way to get surveys to them. Some prefer to not go on the record. Some, no doubt, hope to be embraced by the failing establishment. This is not uncommon in politics.

We surveyed some, but not all, of the Republican candidates for Governor. It seemed like half the people registered in the Republican Party filed to run for governor. Just to be practical we tried to narrow it down to the candidates we thought were the most credible. By that we don’t mean they were necessarily good people, but that they had a plan and a campaign and a working email address .

We’re sure some will disagree with our choices. One thing we can probably all agree on is that without a radical change in the leadership and policies of the Oregon Republicans, our state will continue to disintegrate.  Please register to vote. Research the candidates in your district and show up at forums and debates with questions. And don’t settle for non-committal shuck and jive responses.  We are running out of time.

(Please note, the percentage grades are based on candidate’s answers to our survey. A “100%” grade reflects their answers but does not imply an endorsement.  Endorsed candidates are noted next to their grades.)

Click here for Senate survey results.

Click here for House survey results.

Click here for the results of our Governor surveys.

2022 Oregon House Primary Candidate Ratings

This list contains all the Republican Candidates for the Oregon House.

The list defaults to 10 names at a time but you can click to expand it.

The list only includes Republicans. We did not survey Democrats and cannot recommend a single Democrat worthy of your vote.

The list identifies those currently in office as “incumbent.”

*Note, in House District 51, James Hieb is listed as a non-incumbent. James does currently hold the seat, but he was appointed in the last weeks of the last session to replace Christine Drazan who resigned to raise money (what she does best) for her Governor’s race.  So while he is technically an incumbent we can’t really hold him responsible for some of the more disgraceful things other Republican office holders have done.

** Christine Goodwin (House District 4) was appointed to fill the seat vacated when House Rep Gary Lief passed away in July of 2021. We offered to include her in these results but she has not responded.

Please note, this page is being updated as late surveys are returned.

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House Candidate Ratings.

David Brock Smith01st DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Virgle J Osborne02nd DistrictNo57.1%
Lily Morgan03rd DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Christine Goodwin **04th DistrictYesDid not participate
Sandra A Abercrombie05th DistrictNo71.4%
Kim Wallan06th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Raiph Huber07th DistrictNo100%
Alan Stout07th DistrictNoDid not participate
Michael F Moore08th DistrictNoDid not participate
Boomer Wright09th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Celeste McEntee10th DistrictNoDid not participate
Jami Cate11th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Tyler S Collins11th DistrictNo100%Endorsed
Charlie Conrad12th DistrictNoDid not participate
Nicole De Graff12th DistrictNo100%Endorsed
Jeff Gowing12th DistrictNoDid not participate
Bill R Ledford12th DistrictNo100%
Timothy S Sutherland13th DistrictNoDid not participate
Caleb Clark14th DistrictNo100%
Stan Stubblefield14th DistrictNoDid not participate
Shelly Boshart Davis15th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Keith Lembke16th DistrictNo100%
Ed Diehl17th DistrictNo71.4%
Beth Jones17th DistrictNo100%Endorsed
Rick Lewis18th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
T J Sullivan19th DistrictNoDid not participate
Dan Farrington20th DistrictNoDid not participate
Kevin L Mannix21st DistrictNo0%
Kyler T McNaught21st DistrictNo100%
Tracy M Cramer22nd DistrictNoDid not participate
Jim Lowder22nd DistrictNoDid not participate
Anna M Scharf23rd DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Lucetta A Elmer24th DistrictNoDid not participate
Gabriel Buehler25th DistrictNo100%
Bob Niemeyer25th DistrictNo100%
Jason Fields26th DistrictNo71.4%
Glenn Lancaster26th DistrictNo28.6%
Sandra Nelson27th DistrictNo100%
Patrick Castles28th DistrictNoDid not participate
Charles Mengis28th DistrictNoDid not participate
Gina Munster-Moore29th DistrictNoDid not participate
Joe Everton30th DistrictNoDid not participate
Todd Morrill30th DistrictNo85.7%
Drew A Layda31st DistrictNo100%Endorsed
Brian G Stout31st DistrictNoDid not participate
Glenn H Gaither32nd DistrictNo100%
Cyrus B Javadi32nd DistrictNoDid not participate
Stan Baumhofer33rd DistrictNoDid not participate
John Woods34th DistrictNo100%Endorsed
Daniel R Martin35th DistrictNoDid not participate
Jeffrey S Hindley36th DistrictNoDid not participate
Aeric Estep37th DistrictNoDid not participate
Alistair Firmin38th DistrictNoDid not participate
Kori Haynes39th DistrictNoDid not participate
Adam Baker40th DistrictNoDid not participate
Daniel Tooze Sr40th DistrictNo100%
Bob (Elvis) Clark41st DistrictNo100%
Rene Gomez41st DistrictNoDid not participate
Rob Reynolds41st DistrictNo85.7%
Scott Trahan42nd DistrictNoDid not participate
Tim LeMaster43rd DistrictNo100%
Timothy R Sytsma46th DistrictNo 100%
John Masterman48th DistrictNoDid not participate
Randy E Lauer49th DistrictNoDid not participate
Amelia Salvador50th DistrictNoDid not participate
Lisa Davidson51st DistrictNoDid not participate
James Hieb*51st DistrictNo100%
James Born52nd DistrictNoDid not participate
Jeff Helfrich52nd DistrictNo57.1%
Britt Storkson52nd DistrictNo100%
Michael Sipe53rd DistrictNoDid not participate
Judy Trego54th DistrictNoDid not participate
E. Werner Reschke55th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Emily G McIntire56th DistrictNo42.8%
Greg Smith57th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Skye Farnam58th DistrictNoDid not participate
Bobby Levy58th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Vikki Breese-Iverson59th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended
Mark Owens60th DistrictYesIncumbent Not Recommended

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Pistol Braces, Forbidden Places, Supreme Court Cases

Pistol Braces, Forbidden Places, Supreme Court Cases




The ATF bans pistol braces, the DOJ demands that magazines be banned, and Oregon Democrats want you to go to jail for being NEAR any government building.

There is a lot going on.

First, as you know, a judge in Harney County has put a hold on all of the clearly unconstitutional Measure 114.  So, to no one’s surprise, the Oregon Department of “Justice” has requested that the Oregon Supreme Court overrule that decision and immediately ban standard ammo feeding devices and eliminate the one safeguard against abuse by the State Police when they refuse to complete background checks.

The DOJ wants to criminalize the most common ammo magazines in the country while allowing “instant” background checks to take literally… forever. That means that while you are forced to beg for permission to exercise a Constitutional right, the Oregon State Police will have the right to deny you for as long as they want. Even if that means until the end of time.

Testimony in the state court case from a former employee of the OSP Firearms Instant Check System, made public what gun owners have known for a long time. It is the mission of the FICs unit to delay or deny as many firearm’s purchases as possible. Let us not forget who the OSP works for. (Hint, it ain’t you.)

The Oregon Department of “Justice”, under the control of a rabidly anti-rights Attorney General,  also wants to compel you to get a permit simply to ask to buy a firearm and pay hefty fees for the privilege, but has kindly offered to delay that unconstitutional demand having been forced to admit there is no program in place to even get such a permit.

Meanwhile, in OFF’s Federal case, the Trump appointed judge who ruled that 114 could go into effect (with a short delay for the non existent permitting system) asked the plaintiffs (meaning us) if we would be willing to forgo a trial on a preliminary injunction there, citing the state injunction as a reason.

Of course that would mean if the State prevailed in its efforts to overturn the Harney County Judge, gun owners and gun dealers would be totally screwed for possibly years as this mess winds through the courts. And of course, that was always the point of Measure 114 and its well funded sponsors, “Lift Every Voice.”

“Lift Every Voice” is asking its supporters to lean on the legislature to ram through implementation of 114 and, of course, Democrats have announced their plans to do just that.

Far left Senator Floyd Prozanski has already noted his intentions to enforce it even though it is currently on ice. (By the way, “LEVO” has also announced that it plans another ballot measure to ban all modern firearms. No doubt they will once again get millions in donations from groups like the ACLU and the national and state teacher’s unions.)

The Oregon Democrats also have quite a few other attacks on your gun rights in the works. Not satisfied to ban CHL holders from schools, the Portland Airport, and the Capitol Building, the Democrats now plan to arrest you if you go NEAR any of those places with a firearmThis means NO firearms at any rallies NEAR the Capitol and you could go to jail just by driving past the Capitol Building.

But wait, there’s more. They want to expand that prohibition to ALL buildings that are paid for with YOUR tax dollars.  That means that when you leave your house, should you even go CLOSE to any “municipal” building and you are lawfully armed, you get to spend a year in jail. For people who live anywhere close to a city or town that basically means you better not leave your house. 

Given the astronomical increase in violent crime under the Democrats, and the risk you take walking or driving anywhere in Portland or other cities, the Democrat’s agenda cannot be disguised. CHL holders are not now and have never been a problem.  These policies are driven by unbridled hatred and bigotry and have nothing to do with public safety.

On another note, the ATF has released its new rules on “pistol braces.” While the regulations  are, as usual, incomprehensible, the short version is if you own any of these devices that ATF has for years said are perfectly legal, you now face prison time if you do not turn them in or register the guns they are on as restricted NFA items.

Given the recent ruling from the 5th Circuit  that the ATF’s rules on bump stocks greatly overstepped their authority, it’s a safe bet that the courts will strike this lunacy down too. But of course, that will require vast expenditures by gun owners on legal fees.

Keep in mind, there is exactly NO legal liability when legislators draft laws they know are unconstitutional. Just as there is no liability when the ATF does it. And there is NO legal or fiscal liability when bigot organizations with millions in funding from out of state leftists pass unconstitutional ballot measures.

Gun owners face attacks on many fronts right now. And they all have one thing in common. They are insanely expensive for us and don’t cost the other side a dime.

The Oregon Republicans have demonstrated a startling refusal to fight in past sessions.  But they still have a few tools if they have the courage to use them.

The Senate Republicans are led by Tim Knopp. You will recall that Knopp refused to walk out when the other Republicans did a few years ago. Knopp’s actions were appreciated by the Democrats who were trying to pass dangerous gun control then.

The House Republicans are led by Vikki Breeze Iverson whose husband attacked Oregon Firearms Federation even while Vicki was asking us for donations.

This is not positive news. But the reality is, those two have the ability to stand up for gun owners and they need to hear from you. Please remind them who placed them in office. It was NOT gun grabbing Democrats.

And please support our efforts. Federal lawsuits are insanely expensive and the legal bills keep coming it.  Only your support keeps us in this fight. 

You can donate here.   


For more information please see this link.


Thank you.


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The Primary Is Over (almost)


The 2022 primary election is (mostly) over.

Because of a massive snafu in Clackamas County, there are still many uncounted ballots, but assuming the trends don’t change radically we have an idea of how the election went. (See how our Marxist Secretary of State has responded to this event, which as with every communication from her, includes an infomercial about… her.)

The Democrat candidate for governor is a liberal, anti-police, woman. By contrast, the Republican candidate for governor is… a liberal, anti-police, woman. Both voted to support antifa. Both voted to stock kindergarten boy’s bathrooms with tampons. (As did every Oregon Republican House Rep.)

Oregon’s future looks bright. There is, of course, an additional wild card. Betsy Johnson is running as an independent non affiliated. She will need to get on the ballot by collecting signatures.

Johnson has raised more money than anyone else, and since she did not have to participate in an expensive primary election has plenty to spend.

Johnson served in both the Oregon House and Senate as a Democrat. She is currently campaigning on a platform that both parties are too extreme and her hope is to “bring Oregonians together.”

No one who has witnessed the carnage in Oregon in the last few years can argue that the Democrat Party has become too extreme. You can smell the tear gas far from Portland.  But Johnson’s position that Republican Christine Drazan is “too far to the right” is clearly ridiculous. Drazan is considered a “moderate” by most liberals and was even endorsed by Portland’s far left “Willamette Week” newspaper. And given the left’s jihad to attack, silence, and possibly imprison those who dare disagree with them, the idea of “bringing Oregonians together” seems overly optimistic at best.

Whether this is simply campaign rhetoric or Johnson really believes it remains to be seen. While Johnson votes pro-police and pro-business she is certainly no one’s idea of a “conservative.”  But one thing Johnson most certainly has been, is strongly and unapologetically pro-gun*. Johnson has stood up to her caucus time after time to vote to protect gun rights. She is the target of well funded attacks by Democrat operatives largely because of her pro gun stance. Before she left the Senate to concentrate on her race for governor she was the ONLY pro gun Democrat in the legislature.

Johnson is also very tough and very smart. Now that she will be attacked by both the Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate we are quite sure that the race is going to be very interesting.

In other races the establishment Republican candidates won most (though not all) primary races. This means we will almost certainly have at least two more years of surrender and capitulation to the Democrats. So dig in.  But, in any event, we believe we need to take a moment to thank the people who, win or lose, stepped up to run.

Political campaigns are hard work, expensive and often brutal.  And soon after the election the people who did not win are quickly forgotten. This is unfortunate.  Very often the reason people lose is because they were too principled to cave to the demands of the big money establishment cabal.

This primary election was no different. Republican candidates who showed a willingness to stand up to the failed leadership of the House and Senate Caucuses knew they would pay a price and many did. The Republican establishment made no secret of their intention to punish candidates who answered our survey or dared to accept donations from our PAC.

While many candidates refused to answer our survey out of fear of retribution from the caucus “leaders” many did answer. Simply responding was a risk for them even if their answers did not indicate they were ready to confront the power brokers. And the ones who answered 100% were the bravest of all.

We have a long way to go to replace the sell outs with candidates of conviction. But we owe a debt to the ones who showed it this election cycle.

To track the final outcome of this election or see the results in your district please use this link.

To see the results of our candidate survey see this link.

Below are the candidates who answered our survey. Some won, some lost. Some showed more courage than others, but every one of them showed more courage than the people who refused to take a stand at all.

To the ones who did win, we wish you luck in the general and encouragement to stand up for what’s best for our state instead of the demands of the establishment . To the ones who did not win we are grateful that you showed the willingness to take part and hope you will continue to be a voice for freedom in our state.

To you, and the truly patriotic candidates for governor and county races, we thank you all.

Senate Candidates.

Kevin Christman

Valerie Draper Woldeit

John Verbeek

Ben Edtl

Christopher J Morrisette

Steve Bates

House Candidates

Virgle J Osborne

Sandra A Abercrombie

Ralph Huber

Tyler S Collins

Nicole De Graff

Bill R Ledford

Caleb Clark

Keith Lembke

Beth Jones

Kyler T McNaught

Gabriel Buehler

Bob Niemeyer

Jason Fields

Glenn Lancaster

Sandra Nelson

Todd Morrill

Drew A Layda

Glenn H Gaither

John Woods

Daniel Tooze Sr

Bob (Elvis) Clark

Rob Reynolds

Tim LeMaster

Timothy R Sytsma

James Hieb

Jeff Helfrich

Britt Storkson

Emily G McIntire

* Update 05.31.2022

Not so fast. https://www.wweek.com/news/state/2022/05/31/pro-gun-rights-as-a-state-senator-betsy-johnson-now-open-to-gun-control-in-bid-for-governor/


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If you have not already reserved your moving truck it’s time to vote.

By now you should have your ballots. (And, as we are learning, some lucky people get more than one.)

We have had the results of our candidate surveys up on our website for some time. In case you missed our April 4th alert, you can see them here.
https://www.oregonfirearms.org/2022-oregon-primary-election-candidate-ratings .

There have been some updates since they were first published.

There is no question that Oregon is facing monstrous challenges and at a time when we need real leadership in Salem, most incumbent Republicans seem far more interested in pleasing the ruling party than standing up for your rights.

So, while in many cases the choices are limited, we encourage you to be engaged and involved.

There are many races that don’t get the attention they deserve but really do matter. For example, once again we see large money from the far left attempting to sway DA races. We cannot overstate how dangerous it would be to elect more leftist District Attorneys like Mike Schmidt in Multnomah County.  The damage he has done is incalculable.

OFF does not have recommendations for all races. However we have suggestions in several.

In Josephine County we recommend John West for County Commissioner.

In Jackson County we support Colleen Roberts and Rick Dyer  for County Commission,

In Clackamas County OFF is supporting Dana Hindman-Allen for County Commissioner Position 5.

In Yamhill County Mary Starrett has been an outspoken voice for gun owners and should be re-elected to the Yamhill County Commission.

For Bureau of Labor and Industries we strongly urge against a vote for Cheri Helt or Casey Kulla, both of whom are vocal opponents of the Second Amendment.

In Congressional District 4 OFF recommends Alex Skarlatos

In Congressional District 5 OFF has endorsed Jimmy Crumpacker.

In Congressional District 6 Amy Ryan Courser has been a consistent supporter of Second Amendment rights, while Ron Noble regularly voted with the gun grabbers in Salem to promote their leftist agenda.

For US Senate both Sam Palmer and Darrin Harbick are strong supporters of gun rights and would be good choices to replace Ron Wyden who is long past his expiration date.

OFF has endorsed Marc Thielman for Governor. Your opinions may vary from ours. But whatever they are, please vote.