2021 Firearms Bills

2021 Firearms Bills

SB 396 Bans “undetectable” firearms and redefines “unfinished receivers” as actual firearms for purchase and possession.
Punishes possession of unserialized unfinished frame or receiver by maximum of five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both.


SB 502  Allows people participating in “Address Confidentiality Program” to purchase firearms.
SB 503 CHL Reciprocity Bill.

SB 554  Bans licensed carry in and around schools,”public buildings,” and airports, increases fees for concealed handgun licenses.

SB 585 Repeals Oregon’s preemption law allowing any locality to make gun laws.

SB592 Bans lead shot for hunting.

SB 604 Requires permit with training to purchase firearms. Fees and renewals.(This bill was requested by a representative of the “Democrats Gun Owner Caucus.”)

HB 2510 Mandatory lock up. Makes gun owners liable for crimes committed by 

HB 2543 Creates “no time limit” delays on firearms transfers.

HB 2872 Creates “tax credit” for background check fees.