2020 Candidate Grades

2020 Oregon Primary Candidate Ratings

UPDATE. The Oregon primary is over. These ratings will be updated to reflect the candidates for the general election.

This page contains a link to candidate grades for the Oregon House, the Oregon Senate, the US House of Representatives and US Senate. Please read it for info on grades and how they are assigned. 


If you do not know what district you are in, you can find out by inserting your address here.

It’s very simple. If we don’t change the makeup of the Oregon Legislature, an end to gun rights is only a matter of time. Period. Voting matters.

If you are not registered to vote you can do so here until April 28th.

Oregon House Candidates

Oregon Senate Candidates

US House of Representatives

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Secretary of State. This one was easy for us. Kim Thatcher has been a rock solid supporter of gun rights for years. To see the three anti-gun Democrats who want the job, click here.

Grades are tabulated using a number of different criteria. Our survey was sent to all candidates for the listed offices on March 11th with a request for return by April 3rd. Surveys were sent to the email addresses the candidates listed with the Secretary of State. Late responses are noted and this page may be updated to reflect late responses.

If a candidate is an incumbent their record in office is the principle guide to their grade. In recent Oregon Legislative sessions we have seen efforts made to pass extreme anti-gun legislation. For better or worse, this has simplified the grading process.

Our two most recent sessions have been highly unusual.

In 2019 most Oregon Republican Senators walked out effectively killing the worst gun control bills proposed for that session. This was because the legislature requires a minimum number of legislators to be on floor before any vote can take place.

While the anti-gun Democrats had a “super majority” and had the votes to pass anything they wanted, they lacked a sufficient number to provide the necessary quorum required for floor votes.
In 2020 most Republican Senators and House members walked out, once again stopping the worst anti-gun measures.
While there were certainly other factors contributing to the walk outs, there is no question that the gun control measures were a major contributing factor to the walk out.
As such, we have ranked as “pro-gun,” every Republican who walked.

One Republican Senator and one Republican House Rep stayed behind with the Democrats. Their treacherous actions put gun owners at great risk. 
Oregon’s militantly anti-gun Governor had the power to send the Oregon State Police to hunt down any legislator who walked out and force them back to the Capitol to vote.
Because of the actions of one Republican Senator and one Oregon House Rep, the Governor needed to only arrest one additional Senator or House Rep, force them back to the Capitol, and pass draconian and dangerous gun control bills. Both these turncoat “Republicans” were from Bend. Senator Tim Knopp and House Rep Cheri Helt.
Knopp also stayed on the floor during the first Senate walk out in 2019.  Helt is an anti-gun extremist. For obvious reasons, both have been rated “F”.

Republican Senator Brian Boquist also received an “F”.  Boquist was the architect of Senate Bill 719, from 2017, an outrageous and unconstitutional attack on gun owners which brought us Oregon’s “Red Flag” gun confiscation law. This law confiscates firearms from people who have not been accused, let alone convicted of a crime.

Non incumbents received grades based on whatever information we had about them. If they answered a candidate survey, that was our main tool, however whenever other information was available that was factored in. For example, Rich Cunningham is running as a “Republican” in House District 14. While we did not receive a survey from him we did find a tape of a debate he was in in a previous race where he notes he only ran as a Republican because he didn’t think he could win in a Democrat primary, but that he supports extreme gun control and other Democrat policies.

Selma Pierce, running as a “Republican” in HD 20 also did not respond to our survey but has expressed militant anti-gun views in past (failed) races. She too received an “F”.

Our grades note who is currently in office.

Please note that for any candidate who is NOT listed as an “Incumbent” the highest grade we give is a “B+”. This is not in any way a suggestion that they are not perfect candidates. It just means that it’s not fair to give the same “A” or “A+” to a candidate who has not cast a vote as we have to candidates who have been in the trenches, proven themselves and in this case, risked so much by walking out.

“B+” means they returned our survey 100% and there is no reason to think they would not be great legislators. However, please keep in mind that a good survey response is not an absolute guarantee of a candidate’s positions. It only tells us what they said on a survey.
When an asterisk* appears next to a grade it means that not only did the candidate return a perfect survey, but they made and extra effort to reach out to OFF to express support for the Second Amendment or that we have enough personal experience with them to feel confident that their survey is a honest reflection of their positions.
A grade of “NR” means the candidate did not return our survey.

No Democrat candidates returned our survey which is no surprise.  If your candidate did not return a survey, feel free to contact them to ask their position on gun rights and by all means spend some time on their websites and social media pages. As you can imagine, candidate grading is an inexact science and survey answers don’t always tell the whole story. If you have information on a candidate you think would help inform voters, please feel free to share it with us.