2016 Gun Bills

SB 1551 (Floyd Prozanski) Allows persons with no qualifications to make secret accusations and deprive people of their gun rights. This bill is Prozanski’s vendetta against gun owners. FAILED

HB 4028 (Brian Clem)  A weak effort to reduce the dangerous results of SB 941. Allows the loaning of a firearm for the hunting, trapping and target shooting (which is current law) and extends that to the time you are “preparing to engage in” or “in the process of completing ” hunting, trapping or target shooting. Not a solution to the problem. The sponsor of this bill voted for SB 941 which caused the problem in the first place.  FAILED

HB 4045  (Jeff  Barker) Mandatory sentences for “unlawful possession of firearms.  It’s “mandatory” sentences that caused that mess in Harney County. FAILED

HB 4147 (Jennifer Williamson)  Eliminates safeguards against failures of the background check system. Allows the Oregon State Police to deny a firearm forever.FAILED