2010 Special Session Bills

SB 1008

This bill reverses the gains made in 2009 with SB 603 and returns Oregon law to a condition of making no sense. This bill  was the product of Senator Floyd Prozanski who wrote it to overturn his own bill SB 603, which he claims he did not understand.

This bill so baffled the entire legislature, including its sponsor, it was returned to committee and replaced by….

SB 1064 As introduced.

SB 1064 As Passed.

This bill reversed the gains made by SB 603 while excluding the one single positive thing that SB 1008 did, which was to define a lawful way to carry a handgun on a motorcycle. This bill passed the Senate and was “gut and stuffed” in the House as a result of the relentless pressure of OFF members. It was completely neutered.