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Those of you who live in the Portland area know that the three counties near Portland (Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington) share an odd “regional” government called “Metro.”

Many are not really sure what Metro does or why it’s needed but that has not made it go away.

Among other functions “Metro” is responsible for various parks and facilities such as the Portland Zoo.

Many of these locations have signs posted saying that no firearms are allowed and there are no exceptions. The zoo rules allow no one to have a firearm there.

Of course, Metro has no authority to create any restrictions on persons with concealed handgun licenses.

Some time ago we contacted Metro to inquire where they believed they got the authority to impose these rules.  As you would expect, rapid responses are not part of big government.

We did hear from Metro’s CEO and he did agree that there may be a conflict with state law.

In September we made a public records request from Metro asking for all rules and restrictions dealing with firearms at facilities and locations they control. While we still have not received those we have received a copy of an executive order dealing with firearms and license holders that clearly contradicts their stated policies.

While we believe that Metro is reexamining all of its firearms restrictions, until they have corrected the many unlawful rules at locations they control, we want you to have a copy of their executive order which clearly states that license holders are NOT subject to their restrictions.

It is our expectation that Metro will be revising the rules and signage at their facilities, but until then, know that if you are a CHL holder, the restrictions do not, and cannot, apply to you.