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03.27.07 HB 2852 Scheduled For “Work Session.”


House Bill 2852, a bill that will reward the Port of Portland Police for breaking the law is scheduled for a “Work Session” on  Monday-April 2 at 8:30 room 357.

As you know from our previous alert, the Port of Portland is violating gun owners’ rights and the law with an illegal ordinance banning CHL holders from airport property if they are in possession of their self defense firearms.

The Port is well aware that they are violating the law, and the committee is well aware of it as well.

Each committee member has received extensive documentation demonstrating that the Port is in violation. The Port, as well, has received ample information that their rule is unlawful.

The Port Police have made it clear that it is their intention to continue to break the law. If this bill passes it will send a clear signal that the law is meaningless and the few protections gun owners have are void.

Please contact the Committee members and urge them not to reward the Port Police for breaking the rules and violating your rights.

It is particularly important that you contact Jeff Barker, the bill’s sponsor.

The Chairman of the Committee, Greg MacPherson has been sending out e-mails to voters saying :”If you think the public should have the right to carry concealed weapons in airports, I suggest you have legislation introduced to establish this right”.

MacPherson’s apparent ignorance is amazing. This “right” is already clearly articulated in Oregon law, and as an attorney, MacPherson should know that.

Contact information for the committee members and a suggested message follow:


Dear Representative,

Your Committee is scheduled to vote on HB 2852 on April 2nd.
As you know, the Port of Portland is violating the law and gun owners’ rights.
Please do not reward them for ignoring the clear mandates of the Oregon Legislature.

Very truly yours,