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Turning Despair Into Dollars For Democrats


Today, as expected, and to the surprise of exactly no one, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 1503 onto the full Senate with a “do pass” recommendation on a party line vote.

Submitted testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition even after a gun control group supplied bogus statistics that were cut and pasted by numerous people supporting the bill.

Make no mistake, 1503 is another effort to end gun ownership and make you pay to have your rights stolen.(Republican Senator Bill Hansell is a sponsor.)

While the original bill devoted hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars to the provably deceitful Oregon Health Authority, the adopted, amended bill now sends that money to the militantly anti-rights Oregon Department of Justice. The language of the bill puts no cap on how much of your money the Department of Justice will get to crush gun rights in Oregon.

The Oregon DOJ has already squandered millions of your dollars in an effort to implement a gun ban in Oregon, and they are not done yet.

(While the linked story is mostly accurate, we advise against assuming anything you read in the cartel media is true. Last Saturday KGW ran a story saying the Supreme Court had  just weighed in on MZ 114. Their source for this “news” was Oregon Public Broadcasting.  The only problem was the story they were stealing from was a year old. KGW’s hilariously wrong report, much like the promises of Oregon House Republicans, has been flushed down the memory hole with no correction we could find.)

1503 will shovel more of your money to DOJ to use to create “studies” whose outcome is pre-determined.

Hundreds of thousands have been promised to some unnamed “third party” to pay for the “research.”

We have it on good authority that the “third party” will be another left leaning “non-profit” favored by Oregon’s Democrats, who just happen to get support… from left leaning “non-profits.”

We could save the taxpayers a lot of money and provide for free what the DOJ is going to enrich themselves creating:

“Guns are bad, guns should be banned, guns cause suicide. Oregonians need to be disarmed.”

There is the coming report in a nutshell. You’re welcome Floyd Prozanski.

This flushing of taxpayer money will come at a time that the Democrats are simultaneously declaring that Oregon is awash in cash* and they need massive new taxes. Meanwhile Republicans have once again joined Democrats to add to Oregon’s massive employee retirement debt with another bill you and your grandchildren will have to pay for.

Because of deadlines it does appear that the other major gun control bill, HB 4096 is not going to move.  But that is by no means a sure thing as the language in it can always be stuffed into other bills. As of now, all the Republicans who were cosponsoring the bill have removed their names. Independent. former Republican, Brian Boquist is still a sponsor.

The battle against Mz 114 continues with the State attempting to force the measure into effect even before their appeal has been heard.  And of course, you are paying for it.