Tell The Sheriff You Have His Six.



Sheriff Glenn Palmer
Sheriff Glenn Palmer


No sheriff in Oregon has done more to stand up for the Constitution and the Second Amendment than Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County.

Sheriff Palmer traveled to Salem to oppose the debacle that is SB 941 and vowed he would not enforce this travesty against the people of his county.

Time after time the Sheriff has defended liberty and followed his oath in spite of withering attacks by leftists and media hacks posing as “reporters.” Now it’s time for us to stand up for him.

Outrageous and baseless accusations have been made against him as a result of the Harney County occupation. A 911 operator in John Day filed a false police report against him, and other law enforcement agencies have withheld critical information from him, possibly in violation of the law.

John Day Police Chief Richard Gray has dredged up a 4 year old dispute over computer records. Sheriff Palmer deleted records from his office computer after discovering that there had been unauthorized access to it. Although the Sheriff kept hard copies, the computer files were deleted to protect persons whose information was being accessed. Now Gray is using this issue as part of a complaint against Palmer.

At least one Oregonian “reporter” has displayed what can only be described as a personal vendetta against the Sheriff and has even contacted OFF with baseless and comical claims about our relationship with the Sheriff. (Several years ago our foundation raised money to buy an electronic fingerprint machine for his office.)

As a result of numerous politically motivated complaints, the Department of Justice has opened an investigation on the Sheriff.  We think it’s quite possible that some of the complainants could well find themselves facing criminal charges, but for now we are asking that you consider a donation to the legal expense fund that has been set up for him.

It is our hope that this witch hunt ends soon and the Sheriff can go back to work for the people of Grant County.

If that happens all donations will be returned to donors in accordance with ORS 244.221 on a pro rata share.

What follows is a press release from the Trustee of the fund.

Family, Friends and Supporters of Glenn Palmer, we are pleased to announce we have the legal expense trust fund in place and ready to receive your contributions.

Contributions may be made in person at Old West Federal Credit Union where you may make a direct contribution to the trust fund, or you may mail me your contribution.  Also I can receive the contribution in person.

Please make checks payable to: Glenn E. Palmer Legal Expense Trust Fund

They can be mailed to:
Glenn E. Palmer Legal Expense Trust Fund
Jodie Fleck, Trustee
44000 SE Shotgun Road
Post, Oregon 97752

Sheriff Glenn Palmer established the Glenn E. Palmer Legal Expense Trust Fund by receiving written authorization of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.
Under Oregon law, any person may contribute moneys and in-kind assistance to Sheriff Palmer’s Trust Fund (with the exception of a principal campaign committee).
Contributions will be used to defray legal expenses incurred by Sheriff Palmer in defending himself in an investigation brought by the Oregon Department of Justice and the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, which investigation specifically relates to and arises from the course and scope of Sheriff Palmer’s duties as a public official.
Contributions to Sheriff Palmer’s Trust Fund will not be used for any personal use. More information about Sheriff Palmer’s Trust Fund is available from the Trustee.
Contributions may be received by the Trustee in person, by mail, or by deposit to the Trust Fund’s account at Old West Federal Credit Union.


You can make a donation by credit card using the button below. Thank you.