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STOP 719!

Imagine this.

You have never been convicted of a crime. In fact, you have never been accused of a crime.

You have not been adjudicated to be mentally ill. 

A person with no credentials in mental health claims you are a threat to yourself or them.

A person with no credentials in mental health signs an order you don’t know about.

The police come to your home and tell you to turn over your guns. This is not a fantasy. This is Brian Boquist’s gun theft SB 719A. one of the most dangerous bills ever to come out of the Oregon Legislature. You must help us stop it.

This bill passed through the Senate on a near party line vote with Boquist being the only Republican to support it. Senator Betsy Johnson was the only Democrat to oppose it. It has now gone over to the House.

House Speaker Tina Kotek has bypassed the House Judiciary Committee fearing they may not march in lockstep with her militant anti-gun agenda and has assigned this bill to the House Rules Committee. As you might imagine, all the Democrats on this committee are anti-gun zealots.  (They are Williamson, Rayfield, Holvey, Nosse, and Warner.)

Please use the button below to help us stop this madness.