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Tell Arnie Roblan To Keep His Hands Off Your Guns

Arnie Roblan
Arnie Roblan

Critical town hall meeting on Wednesday night. Please try to be there.

With every passing hour, the Washington County Elections office is finding more votes for Chuck Riley, the Bloomberg funded, anti-gun extremist running against Republican Bruce Starr for Oregon Senate in the 15th district.

This dramatic turn around for Riley, who had been trailing, is a remarkable re-run of John Kitzhaber’s last minute win in 2010 when a whole boatload of votes appeared at the eleventh hour in Multnomah County. Funny how that works.

Whether Starr eventually prevails or not, the Democrats have picked up the one seat they need to ram through any attack on the Second Amendment they want to.

Although they already had a one vote edge, that one vote was held by Senator Betsy Johnson, who could be counted on to be rational when it came to anti-gun votes.  Now with the defeat of another pro-gun Betsy, Senator Betsy Close, by rabid anti-gunner Sara Gelser, the Dems can go around Senator Johnson and pass their entire laundry list of gun grabs in the Senate.

The anti-rights radicals have made no secret that they hope to make this change in the Senate their key to smashing Second Amendment rights.  Remember, these people, for all their lies about “reasonable, common sense” laws, have tried to ban all modern firearms and allow the police to search your home without a warrant!

With the re-election of John Kitzhaber, who has made gun control a central theme of his administration, (along with unprecedented corruption) and the passage of I-594 in Washington, Bloomberg’s well funded stooges are convinced they have a mandate to eliminate gun rights in Oregon.

We have no intention of letting that happen.  The fact is, I-594 passed in Washington because the media and the state worked side by side to deceive Washington residents about what the ballot measure did. There was not a well coordinated response by gun owners. We must not allow that to happen here.

That brings us to Arnie Roblan.  Roblan served in Oregon’s House and even served as “co-speaker” when the Oregon House was evenly split.  Although a Democrat, Roblan stood up for gun owners’ rights. Then he got elected to the Senate.

Under intense pressure from Senate President Peter Courtney and the Democrat caucus, Roblan did a hard left rudder. After promising to vote against more gun restrictions, Roblan voted in favor of 4 anti-gun bills in 2013.

Gun owners responded in force. All 4 bills were killed after passing out of Roblan’s committee.

Then, in this year’s session, Roblan got the message and voted against the one anti-gun bill that made it to his committee. Roblan felt the heat and saw the light. Now we have to remind Roblan that voting to attack the rights of the people in his district would not be in his best interest.

It’s essential that Roblan continue to hear from gun owners across the state. If you live in or near Yamhill County you can remind Roblan to protect your rights this Wednesday, November 12 in Sheridan. Roblan will be holding a town hall at the Larson Hall Conference Center, Delphian School, 20590 SW Rock Creek Road, Sheridan, Oregon 97378 at 7.30 PM

For more info you can contact the Delphian School  at 800-626-6610 ex 315. If you can attend this meeting, your voice will make a difference.