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Oregon Gun Laws. A Guide In Plain English

Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws is a reference for gun owners in Oregon and those who may travel or move to Oregon. This new edition contains all the changes made in recent legislative sessions and includes changes made in our laws regarding gun rights restoration.

Written by OFF Executive Director Kevin Starrett, “Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” covers every essential aspect of owning and carrying guns in the Beaver State.

In concise, easy to grasp language, “Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” will answer virtually any question you might have about purchase, possession and carry of firearms.

The Oregon Revised Statues dealing with firearms are included, as are answers to the most common, and many uncommon, questions.

You can keep a copy in your car or boat as well as at home for fast answers to the confusing array of laws that regulate (and over regulate) gun ownership.

If you own a gun, or plan to, and you live in or visit Oregon, you need this book.


Whether you keep a firearm in your home for self defense, or carry one daily, knowing the law, and knowing your rights, can save you a lot of heartaches and hassles.

Oregon’s gun laws are complex and confusing, but this book will answer your questions in plain English. The more you know about the law, the better able you will be to protect yourself when your rights are under attack.

A step by step guide to all aspects of gun ownership, “Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” is an indispensable reference for anyone who plans to buy and own a gun in Oregon.

The sad truth is you cannot count on law enforcement or local politicians to provide you with accurate information. But, “Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” will give you an in depth understanding of all the many rules concerning firearms ownership.

Written in clear, easy to understand language, “Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” is a must- have addition to any gun owner’s library.

“Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws” is only $12.95 plus shipping, and we offer substantial discounts for quantity orders for gun stores, clubs and instructors.Please call or email for quantity discounts.

Order your copy here.

You can also order through the mail with this form.

“If you want to know what your gun rights and responsibilities are, his book is indispensable.”
Alan Korwin Gun Laws of America

“Congratulations on the book, it is straightforward, to the point, very informative, easy to read and understand.We will use it (and offer it for sale)as an invaluable training tool.
Thank you for all your hard work.”
David Hampton
Portland Firearms Training Team

“…the finest compendium regarding the ownership, possession and legal use of firearms in the state of Oregon.”
Dan Abbot Oregon Firearms Academy

“Books about the law are rightly not thought of as entertaining. Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws does not fit the mold. Starrett has written a very practical book.”
Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America


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