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2011 Special Election – Oregon Congressional District 1

Sept. 20 2011

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As a result of the implosion and long overdue resignation of David Wu, Oregon’s First Congressional District will be having a special election on May 15 2012.

Here is a list of candidates and their contact information.

We sent every candidate a survey to help gun owners make an informed decision when it came time to vote.  A copy of the survey can be seen here.

Of the 13 candidates running, only three responded. All were Democrats. (See update below)  They were Dan Strite, Dominic Hammon and Saba Ahmed. Hammon asked that we publish his responses.

Of the three respondents, both Strite and Hammon support Federal restrictions on modern firearms and ammunition feeding devices. Both believe the Feds have the right to regulate, tax and restrict firearms ownership.

Saba Ahmed answered 100% pro-gun.

Oddly, her website notes that she has worked for both Governor Ted Kulongoski and Congressman Earl Blumenauer, neither of whom have ever had much use for gun rights.

Of the three candidates (all Democrats) who are currently serving in elected office, none responded. They are Brad Avakian, Brad Witt and Suzanne Bonamici.

Witt did call with a request for more information about one question, but then never responded with a completed survey. Bonamici has a record as a committed opponent of Second Amendment rights. As a member of the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee, she has voted over and over to attack the liberties of gun owners.

Gun owners in the First Congressional District clearly have little to be excited about with their choices to replace Wu. Remember, not answering is answering.

Feel free to contact candidates who refused to answer and ask why they feel the need to hide their positions on this important issue. We will post updates if we receive any.

UPDATE 9.30.11
We have received a survey from Republican Delgado Morgan. She responded almost 100% pro-gun. On question 2, asking if she would have voted to extend the Patriot Act, she answered “Other” but with no explanation.

UPDATED 10.6.11
Jim Greenfield returned a nearly 100% pro gun survey. He did note that he was unfamiliar with the United Nations Small Arms treaty but his other answers were all pro 2nd Amendment

UPDATED 11.8.11
We received a very late survey from Lisa Michaels with a 100% pro-gun response.