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Democrats Abandon Victims Of Domestic Violence



The two bills we have been warning you about were scheduled for a work session today in the House Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 4045 and House Bill 4147  were both on the docket.  Both bills were trouble for gun owners with HB 4147 being big trouble.

4147 would allow indefinite delays of firearms transfers for people who are totally qualified to purchase but were stopped by an incompetent bureaucracy.

Today was the deadline for bills to move out of committee in the chamber where they originated.

Because of your efforts, HB 4045, which would have required mandatory minimum sentences for persons who may have inadvertently been in unlawful possession of a firearm, (such as a family member who borrowed your car before you removed every gun after a trip to the range) has died. Good work.

The even more egregious HB 4147 was amended to allow a firearms transfer after 10 days, which is still totally unacceptable. The amendment also calls for complicated mandatory reporting of any person who is denied a transfer. There are no protections for persons denied in error.

An amendment that would have offered some safeguards to persons who are victims of domestic violence was, of course, voted down by all the Democrats, the same Democrats who claim to be the champions of victims of domestic violence.

Jeff Barker, the Chair of the Committee, who always supported gun rights in the past, folded on every motion and voted to pass the bill to the floor.

The bill now goes to the House Floor where we need to pull out all the stops to defeat it.

Please use our automailer to let legislators know where you stand on HB 4147.

The new automailer has the following message:

Dear Legislator,

HB 4147 is a vicious attack on the rights of law abiding gun owners.  It’s clear that liberals in the Oregon Legislature are working overtime to chip away at the rights of Oregonians. An amendment that would have provided safeguards for the victims of domestic violence was voted down in committee on a party line vote…by Democrats.
Vote “NO”  on HB 4147.