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Dealing With Delays On Firearms Purchases


In recent weeks the number of “delays” for firearms purchases have skyrocketed,

We have been informed that at at least one large gun store, the State Police have taken no action on delays since December!

This is not an “inconvenience” this is a denial of a right pure and simple.

If you are delayed you will likely be given the “challenge line” phone number. Don’t waste your time.

While there is no reason to believe you will get a response from the bosses of the ID Unit, it’s at least worth a shot.

Here are the numbers you need:

Patricia Whitfield 503 934 2305
Matt Oeder   503 934 2328

Remember, you also need to contact your Oregon House and Senate members and let them know that the State Police are simply not getting it done. The “background check system” is stopping no criminals, but it sure is attacking the rights of the law abiding.  If you don’t know who your local reps are, you can find them here.

Please keep in mind, the Oregon State Police can delay you forever but as long as you are not DENIED, you may take possession of the firearm you are trying to purchase after “three business days have transpired.”  That’s how the Feds put it. In other words, if you start the background check process on Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday must “transpire” and you may have the gun on Friday. The State language can be found in ORS 166.412 and it reads as follows:

 (c) If the department fails to provide a unique approval number to a gun dealer or to notify the gun dealer that the purchaser is disqualified under paragraph (a) of this subsection before the close of the gun dealer’s next business day following the request by the dealer for a criminal history record check, the dealer may deliver the handgun to the purchaser.

Although this statute references “handgun” a later statute makes it clear that this applies to all guns.

Many gun dealers have been lied to for so long that they believe if they proceed with a transfer under these circumstances, they are somehow “liable.”  Maybe because for years they have been told this by folks at the OSP ID unit who kind of like to make stuff up.

If your dealer will not complete a transfer. Find another dealer.



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